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I have decided to join all the DSLR peoples :lol:I have owned a Dimage A1 and have decided to go to the full blown SLR's. I think I have decided on the 300D Digital Rebel for my first Camera. Good choice or is there something better?

I HATE the XT, its way to small for me to handle with any comfort.

I would also like to know what lens would be the best for just all around everything. I'm a diecast car collector and I take a lot of close-ups, but I also have kids and like vacations. Is there a lens out there than can handle both the close-ups fairly nicely and the vacation photos? I don't have a lot for a lens right now, just looking for something to get me started. I will be getting the KIT version with the 18-55mm lens. I was looking at a Tamron 70-300 LD MACRO 1:2 F4-5.6 FS=62 because of that MACRO setting....is this a going to do what I need it to?

Very very new to this SLR stuff so any and ALL opinions are very appreciated!


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I own the 300D and I'm quite content with it. The XT is obviously better than the Rebel, but at a higher price. For entry level DSLRs, either one will suffice.

As for lenses, check out the following links:

1) Bob Atkins Photography: http://bobatkins.photo.net/photography/
Bob has some pretty nice articles and lens comparisons. Worth checking out.

2) Fred Miranda Reviews: http://www.fredmiranda.com/reviews/
A forum dedicated to personal reviews of select lenses

For an all-around lens, many will agree that you should look for something that provides focal lengths between 28-135mm. That's a good all-around range. I don't own any lens other than the kit lens (it's a really good lens), so I would suggest trying out some of the sites I posted as well as searching the forums here for more feedback.
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Same here. I bought my 300D off of Ebay for much cheaper than retail and was in great condition. I love it! It takes fine pictures for me, but I usually don't print bigger than 8x10in.

 13 years old with a Canon Digital Rebal (300D for  the slower mind), 28-80mm Canon Lens, and Sigma 70-300mm Lens on the  way!
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Thanks guys for the advise!

I did a little more studying up on these and decided to wait until I could afford the 20D and a couple good lenses. When I go full blown SLR, I want a fairly good one.

For now I decided to get the Panasonic FZ15. Looks to have a really good review and I also read a lot from people here on the forums that have either the FZ15 or the FZ20...I didn't see much, if any, complaints with this camera.

So I figure around January I will have enough saved for the Canon. Then I will have 2 decent cameras for whatever I might need.

Again, thanks very much for your input. It really helped me decide what to do. Lot of good info here on this forum.

I will keep you guys informed on my new purchase (which should be here by Monday), and also post some pics of some of my cars I collect. Got a lot of Classic Muscle Cars Thank You! Sean-
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