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Hey there,

I'm new here. Last year my beloved C-3000 walked out of my car. Well, the point-n-shoot we replaced it with (quick, cheap, easy) is driving me nuts. I need a camera. I have been reading reviews on several different web sites and, the more I read, the more I learn and the harder the process becomes. I think I have things narrowed down and 2-3 more options appear... argghhh!

I'm trying to focus in on what I want from a camera, but availability (I live overseas)and price might be issues as well... I think $500 is more than reasonable - given everything I have seen thus far. My sweetie wants me to go DSLR, but I'm not sure with three young kids I am prepared to go there just yet (I am reminded ofthe cracked body on my N-90).

There's no questionthat I want really good resolution. Digital has abeen a difficult move for me to make given the lack of 'depth' in the photos.. I know with the higher MP that is changing, but I am also aware that one brand's 4MP couldhave significantlygreater 'depth'thananother brand's...). Another topic I need to learn more about...

I used to shoot b/w (35mm) before kids.. and since have mostly done 'snapshots'. They are getting older (>6) and I would like to buy something into which I can grow in photography once more. Fully manual as well as point and shoot with cool modes is a must.. I want something I can hold.

I would like it to feel like a camera and sturdy - solidly built. I have been looking atthe Oly C-8080 (I can get for around $500)(but have never been able to touch one) (I started out looking at the Oly C-7070, but given the additional 'features' at only about $100 more, I opted to look at C8080).I have access to a Pana DMC-FZ20 PPK (Any clues about the PPK part?)(I can't find the information)(Ithink the K means "black")for $430. It just seems the further I delve, the deepoer the subject becomes - like anything I suppose ... addingmachines like the Canon G6, Minolta Z3?, Canon s2IS, Fuji F10...) I admit, I still have to look further into many of these others....

I am also wondering about the zoom vsMP debate... I anticipate cropping, at least on occasion... Zoom is good -for kids.. but where is the best compromise zone - or is there one? I have been reading some of the other threads regarding this issue. (I'm a little partial to Olympus, but am trying not to make an emotional decision) From what I have encountered on other threads, I guess there just ain't no substitute for good zoom.. Cropping may not always be the best answer...

I figure I want at least 5MP

I can also pick up somesmaller models i.e., Canon G5 or Oly 770for about $300. More stuff brought to my attention. But will these do what I want them to do?

I like natural lighting - sothe brighter the lens the better. I tend totake more abstracting close-ups. (My bother got all the landscaping genes.) I do have children so the video mode - which I miss -needs to be there and at least halfway decent (perfect would always be welcome). Also,shutter lag timeis an issue - especially for family photos.

Oh, and I anticipate wanting to play with lenses and different types of filters... I was so excited to find that I could do that with a digital... ok, so maybe I'm a little out of touch.. but I'm trying to come out of The Darkroom Ages... So, I'm thinking about the cost effectiveness of one model over another...

I prefer to shoot at the low end of the ISO range, so ISO "choices" is good. I don't much care for noise...I know, who does?

I want something I can keep for a good long time to come.I anticipate a move to Alaska in the near future, and I plan on wearing the bugger out...

I'm sure there is much more to cover, butthat should do for a start. Thanks for listening and for any and all input you can give.

I look forward to finishing this selection process. My kids are really getting annoyed... thanks, j

Well, I've edited some. I must depart. I'll try to clean it up more later. Thanks again... j

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