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I'm choosing between three cameras. Most important is that the camera is easy to use and take good photos without me being an expert photographer. The three candidates are:

Kodak DX7440

Canon A520

Nikon Coolpix 5600

Can anyone help me out? Is there an obvious choice?


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Hmm,I thought these cameras wolud be used by at least some people in here. Is there anyone that has one ofthese cameras and can say whats good or not???

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I own the Kodak DX-7440 and use it as a loaner camera for the digital camera workshops that I conduct. Its tough and has nice features. If size is a priority, take a look at the Canon A-520, it came out more recently.

Here is a sample photo from the Kodak DX-7440

Sarah Joyce
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Old Jun 28, 2005, 12:14 PM   #4
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I have had the 7440 for a while and it has many great attributes:
Large, bright screen
Fast start up
Very fast shot-to-shot times even with Flash (relative to other DigiCams)
Pocketable (Cargo pants)

That said, I'm not crazy about the indoor flash pictures. I seem to be in the minority on this.
I have also had the opertunity to shoot with the Kodak 7630 while is very similar. the main difference is the 6MP compared to the 7440's 4MP. While the 7630 did a slightly better job with color than the 7440, a little PhotoShop work negated the difference.

I have also made posters (20x30) from images shot with the 7440 so don't let the MP wars get you too far off track from your search for the camera of your choice.

And lastly, buy from a place that has a liberal return policy. Over the years I have bought and returned cams from Circuit City, National Camera and Video, and Wal-Mart.
These places do not charge re-stocking fees like Best Buy and others do.

Buy a cam, try it out in typical setting, print out the results and then decide.
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I don't know if you already decided. I just recently got the Canon A520, and it is simply great !!

Nice functions, takes video, great quality. The only bad point I found is that it is little bit heavy.

But if you buy it I think you won't regret.


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I recently picked up a Kodak Dx7630 for my wife, and found it to be quite a camera!,,, fast, easy, compact, large 2.2 screen, great color & clarity, being very picky, the onlydrawback I noticed was a weak flash, but low light shooting, focus, & speed, is one of the best digicamsI've used, along with a bright LCD that you can view almost in total darkness!,,, check this out, and the Dx7440 (similar camera with 4mp).
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