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I went through each one of your photos individually. All are sharp and they do show a bit of grain. Most of all the need a bit of post processing. If you lind the grain bothersome, there are two excellent software programs that can remove a great deal of the grain. They are Neat Image and Noise Ninja.

You are correct about gain in the Kong fu photo. The gain occurred due to the fact that I was really pushing the ISO setting. I had used ISO 800 and the exposure really should have been made at the ISO 1600 setting. Whenever you take a substantially underexposed photo and try to save it with software, the grain is going to become much more evident.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for the advice. Would you believe I worked on every one of those images in photoshop (levels, contrast, exposure).

The two things that troublew me most are the general haziness (witnessed in a photo like "2cool") and the purple fringing (very obvious around the far left microphoe in the bluegrass band photo.

I probably just need to work harder at learning how to manipulate the camera. I do have some great photos I've taken with it.
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are you just looking for a new camera or also for ways to improve your photos?

If you're also looking for the latter, I'd first use the P mode instead of Auto. Set ISO to 50, to ensure the lowest noise possible (it's set to Auto, so I can't determine what it is because Canon does not record ISO in Auto mode. Argh!). Many of the pictures are not low light, though I agree that many are noisy (and the purple fringing is quite bad on some of them).

Second, I'd really open PS back up and increase the contrast and/or saturation. While doing this increases noise, they will look more pleasing. I can send you what I did with them using the free Irfanview (I suspect you can get much superior results in PS) if you send me your e-mail address in a private message (don't want to post e-mail addresses on a a website). Also, if the purpose of the pictures is Web posting, you can decrease the size (downsample them), and the noise in them will decrease. Coincidentally, you can then also sharpen them a bit.

The bluegrass picture, the Fuji F10 would have been a nice camera for, no doubt.
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No, I certainly want to keep the camera I have, for now. No sense upgrading before my skills improve.

I just want to reiterate that I've got some really incredible images off this camera: vivid colors, low noise, very nice.

I just started to doubt what I was doing after seeing these images blown up real big on the web. BTW, I made them that big so others on the same trip could download them.

Thanks for all the advice!
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