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Yeah, Why Do you

Must be cool
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If I could spend all that money, I would just get an EOS 1D Mk2 and some nice lemses. But that's just me.
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Imho: impossible to buy a digital camera that is not outdated before you buy it :!: :-)
If you have no lenses at all I'd be looking close at the Minolta.
Image Stabilization in the body, so every lens is stabilized and they have some of the sharpest lenses around.


wragen22 wrote:
I've looked into the xt a bit. I was thinking I wanted more juice. However, maybe I don't. I was also thinking of the camera that wouldn't be outdated as fast.

Your thoughts?
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speaklightly wrote:
I own the Canon 20D, 350D/XT, Nikon D-70, and the Pentax 1stDS. I use the Pentax the most due to itmuch better grip and viewfinder. It is an excellent dSLR that works just great with sports photography.
Impressive collection of cameras.And a lovely photo. But this could mislead, as you say you use the Pentax the most, but this was shot with the Canon 20D.

Just thought I'd point it out .
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I'm right at the same cross-roads as well after trying several demo's (friends camera) I'm seeing DSLR has quite a bit of more what I want, less noise & higher quality sensors ans better shutter speeds. I was handed the EOS today $1500 and I near took it home with me only to find out it was not F/S just demo:O, I hope for experience I have the Rebel 6.3mp or ewven better the Rebel XT will surely fit my needs as an ametaur learning as I go..

Been saving for 2 years for camera I could swing theEOS hi-end SLR (hi-end to me)SLR but considering I'm only posting on WebShots at 2400X2400 I'd think it would be a severe overkill..I'm always thinking of reasonable budget..

On kite forums many photographers advised mainly D70, but I like the feel of the XT also..

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