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I am in the market to get my 5th digital camera. Up till now I have gone through all the generations of Canon line. From the S100 to S400 to S500 - (one in there that I can't recall).

I have always liked the Canon cameras because the picture quality was decent and the size of the camera. My S500 was given away so I need to get something new.

Normally I would just go out and buy the SD500 but I am intrigued by some of the new smaller options and feature rich cameras.

I am not a professional photographer by any means - I find that I take more pictures and better pictures when I have the camera with me. Here is my criteria;

1. So a camera I can carry with me everywhere I go is the most important function. The S500 had a carrying case that I would attach to my belt - made me look like a geek - but it worked. I would like something I can carry in my pocket and not worry about.

2. Many of the night pictures I have taken always have some jitter - I have learned to find something solid to lean my camera up against to get rid of jitter - maybe image stabilization would be important.

3. I go to lots of sporting events - I am not asking for 10x zoom or anything - but something better than the standard 3x zoom would be much apperciated.

4. Battery life - I was in China with my S500 and every day my camera would run out of batteries - nightime would come around I was done taking pictures. I have learned to carry extra batteries now.

5. Price - Price is no object.

6. Viewfinder - I have never used it and I don't have any need for it.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is the Panasonic FX7 my only real option? Or is there something better that I should look at? For the Ultra Compact family of cameras - which is the dream model by which all others are compared?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
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For low light I see no alternatives to the F10 or FX7 in a pocket camera. Nothing I know of that small with more zoom and anything that would help in lower light.

Stabilization doesn't help for subject motion. If all you want is scenery the stabilization might do a little better for noise. But the LCD doesn't gain up very well in the FX7, so it is hard to frame in low light without a viewfinder.

If you don't need a viewfinder and aren't into advanced controls I think the F10 might be a good choice. The higher ISO with relatively low noise gives more capability IMO. It is a bit larger and heavier than the FX7 though. It has an excellent lens.

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I'm a great fan of Panasonic cameras, but I really think you'll be better off choosing a Fuji F10 of the two. The F10 has a slightly faster lens at full zoom, FAR superior battery life (500 shots/charge vs. 100 shots/charge?), and with that ISO capability of 1600, it takes away the advantage of the anti-shake mechanism of the FX7. Just imagine that with ISO 1600 indoors, you can have at least 4X faster shutterspeed to help suppress BOTH camera shake AND subject motion?
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