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100% Crop:
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Hi Jim

Very impressive demonstration with the KM 5D at ISO 3200, when you think 95%+ of non DSLRs available this yearwill not exceed ISO400.

I have to go up to Hong Kong and the Philippines in Febuaryand was thinking of something small as I will not risk taking my F707 and tripod in case of damage and theft, 2 hours ago I went to the local camera store here in Queensland and had a play with the Fuji F10 to check out the size of the camera (tiny compared to the f707) and am contemplating picking up the F11 in Hong Kong for this upcoming 3 week trip, from your thread here that seems the logical choice considering the maximum ISO 1600 at wide angle, and will keep itin the car when I return to catch the many missed shots I have had over the past couple of years because the Sony was sitting at home.

Thanks again for your input as I really appreciate it.

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Addendum: I did end up buying the Fuji F10 in 2005, and it's the best low-light camera I've had since the Sony. Still not as good, but if you prop it on a trash can or fence you can get decent pictures. The Sony, Casio, and a brand new Sony I've also played with couldn't come close to the low light levels of the F10 -- new ones are too grainy and poor in high ISO.

I am now looking at a Fuji F60fd which is a modern update from the F10 line, and may be better, as well as a Panasonic DMC-LX3 I just found out about, with an F2.0 lens like the old Sony I had.

We shall see!
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thanks for tips
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these tips are great for newbies like me
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