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atoolio Jul 8, 2005 10:26 AM

i currently own a minolta dimage Xg and love it.

2 negatives--the movies are a bit "grainy" and unfortunately the lense is in the upper left corner so a lot of people's fingers will show up when they take a picture for you.

the huge plus is the internal zoom and lense feature. i have dropped this camera 3 times over the past 1.5 years and it is still ticking perfectly.

so thesituation is...i am going to give this to my little as a hand-me-down, and was wondering if i should upgrade to the dimage X60 or go with the canon sd400?

quality of the picture? is the battery lifepretty similar for both? how about the movie quality? night shots?

i would greatly appreciate any advice, and please reply at your earliest convenience.

thanks again, atul

slipe Jul 8, 2005 11:26 AM

I don't much care for the X60. You are interested in movies and they are only 320 X 240. Widest aperture is only f3.3, which limits your available light shooting and requires more exposure time at night. The flash isn't as pitiful as the Sony T7, but it is still on the low end of compact cameras. You have no viewfinder, which makes it difficult sometimes in bright light or acquiring targets quickly at full zoom in dynamic situations. The LCD is about as low in resolution as it gets for 2.5 inch displays. I have a 2.5 inch display at about that resolution and it works fine for me because my near vision isn't the greatest. But I know it is poor quality when I show images to others on the LCD. And it the rare instance I put a pair of cheaters on I can see it is very blocky.

The SD500 has 640 X 480 movies at 30fps. The difference is dramatic if you Alt+Enter in the Windows Media player or show them on your TV. You do need a large memory card though as they aren't MPEG4 and take about 2Mb/second. The LCD actually displays slightly more pixels even though it is smaller. If you have good near vision or wear reading glasses you will see as much on the display. The SD400 has a nice optical viewfinder, which can come in handy even if you usually use the LCD.

The X60 advertises a really quick startup, as almost all folded lens cameras are capable of. But KM isn't advertising the shutter and cycle times. The X50 is really poor by current standards in full focus shutter lag, and the cycle times are just OK. Hopefully the X60 is faster, but it is suspicious KM doesn't mention them in the boilerplate. I would at least wait for a review.

For normal use I don't think you would see much difference in image quality – they are both probably good. That is a guess without reviews and samples, but the X50 was fine and KM doesn't usually make poor quality optics. But the SD400 is a more useable camera IMO and the movies are much better. The SD400 will give you about 150 shots on the battery under standard conditions of half of them flash and the LCD on. The X60 might be a tad better, but that is just a guess based on the S50. The X60 is smaller and lighter though.

atoolio Jul 8, 2005 12:43 PM

slipe, thank you for your prompt response. i really appreciate the depth of knowledge you and others share on this forum.

as i see it for me...


cons: the zoom lens--i have seen some people drop their cameras while in use and the motors/gears get stuck and the camera is basically done until repaired.

pros: as you mentioned the movie quality

dimage X60

cons: poor movie quality, night shots, no viewfinder--but i cant remember ever using it on my Xg.

pros: non-protruding lense, weight

i wish there weremore reviews on the dimage x60, but going from the movies posted on the minolta website, it seems that not much progress has been made in terms of the movie quality.

so im still at a toss up b/w these two.

slipe Jul 8, 2005 1:17 PM

Solution – get the Canon and don't drop it. I have a Z750 and try to always use the wrist strap.

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