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Old Jul 18, 2005, 4:27 PM   #1
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I am looking for a camera that will take action shots of my son when he plays baseball so I will need continuous mode till the card is full (always miss a shot if I am limited in number of shots) and I will need large zoom capabilities.

On the other hand I need it to be able to take candid photos of my children at play or just the quick snap shot of your child doing something cute that you don't want to forget.

I have looked and researched for hours and so many conflicting opinions have me quite confused.

The cameras I am considering are the ever famous zooms Canon S2 IS, Sony H1, and now possibly the Panasonic DMC-FZ20.

I am interestedin :
  1. continuous mode till card is full [/*]
  2. image quality up to 8x10 [/*]
  3. low shutter lag [/*]
  4. a camera I can learn and grow into [/*]
  5. movie mode not as important as I hardly use it, but having it is nice. [/*]
  6. Prefer AA batteries as I would like to be able to just run out and pick up set if I am in a bind. [/*]
  7. Large zoom [/*]
  8. Colorful images (not flat or dull) [/*]
  9. Solid build ( I rest camera up on fences for steadying my shots) [/*]
  10. Histogram is nice (live is best, but I will live with just having)[/*]
I know I am probably missing a ton of things, but that is good for now. And I know there are a lot of people out there that would recommend a Digital SLR, but for right now money is an issue so even though that would be my first choice it isn't possible.

I was leaning towards the Canon S2 IS, but after reading a ton of posts about Canons terrible customer service and an error that many seem to be havingMakes mea bit nervous. Do not need to purchase a large paperweight

I would love to see images that others have taken. I have seen the pics on the review sites, but I want to see photos taken by the end user.I am particularly interested in action shots and family photos.Considering that is what I am going to use the camera for

I am so frustrated by going to an electronics store and being stuck attached to the counter by their security measures. How the heck can you try a camera out that way.And most of us cannot afford to buy every camera we are interested in so that is why I am here ...sorry if I have rambled just excited to make a choice and don't want a lemon.

thank you in advance for your advice and replies


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Old Jul 18, 2005, 9:33 PM   #2
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I'm not sure I understand why you would want a "continuous mode till card is full". I'm picturing you sitting on the bleachers at one of your son's baseball games with your camera in continuous mode, and as soon as the umpire says "Play ball!", you depress the shutter release, and hold it until your memory card is full...which would probably be by the 3rd or 4th pitch of the game (LOL).

Of the 3 cameras you list, I think the S2 IS would be the closest to meeting all of your needs. However, you seem to have enough reasons to strike it from your list. The FZ20 doesn't use AA batteries, so you can strike that one too...or is that strike 2? Sony makes a good camera, but for the money, I was a little disappointed with the fringing I saw in some of the sample pics, and it doesn't have a RAW or TIFF mode. As far as your number 1 desire (continuous mode), the H1 will take a burst of 9 shots, then pauses for 4-5 seconds to write to the card...not really continuous. What ever happened to the Kyocera?

Have you thought about the Fuji S5100? It satisfies almost all 10 of your listed needs, with the exception of #1 and #10. In the 'long continuous' mode, it will take 40 shots before pausing to write to the card, and it has no histogram. It does have a very good quality video mode, even though you don't really care about that. It has an AF assist lamp, it's easy to use in AUTO mode, has full manual controls for you to 'learn' with, and costs about half of what the FZ20 is going for.

By the way, tell your son to make sure he catches ground balls between his legs and not in front of his right foot...sorry - the coach in me is coming out.

Good luck with your search.

the Hun

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Old Jul 19, 2005, 12:51 AM   #3
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The S2, I agree seems to be the winner as say for instance my son is pitching or making a play in the field I prefocus on him and followthe playtaking pictures until the play is over. Does that make sense?

With the Fuji S5000 I am currently limited to 5 burst mode saving the first 5 or last 5. Or it will take up to 40 but at only 1MP. The Fuji S5100 has lowered their burst mode to 3 shots at a time. I was finding that the major part of the play happens after the 5 no matter what I do. Just could never get the timing right I guess. This way I continue until I feel I have captured what I was looking for. Yes that makes for a lot of deleting. But, it works.

The picture I posted was my sons team mate not my son But I will pass on the info.

The H1 just doesn't quite feel right so that is why I wasn't really excited about it, but if its image quality and features were exceptional I guess its something I could get used to.

I have played around with the S2 and it feels pretty comfortable and outside the shots were pretty awesome. Color was dead on, moving objects were crystal clear in shutter priority mode. And zoom was very cool. Low light it was so so. I guess with some practice and the flash that could be improved.

The Kyocera just wasn't for me. I tried it, but have you ever had the feeling that it just wasn't the perfect fit? Well for me that is the way it was. Just couldn't get comfortable with it.

I do love my Fuji, but I am limited by the continuous mode, and it has shutter lag that was causing lost shots. But, still I probably will hang on to it because it just feels good to hold and my daughter loves it. The 5100 is pretty cool too! Very easy to use and for most it would do awesome. Just for me I need a little more and I think the S2 might provide it. Hopefully I can find a good deal on it.

If any one knows where to find it with rebates or possibly with additional lenses or filters that would be great.

Thank you for all your advice.

P.S. Have a like new Kyocera M410R for sale if anyone is interested LOL.


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Old Jul 19, 2005, 12:18 PM   #4
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To be honest, I don't see the sense of taking a lot of continuous mode pics of your son pitching or making a play in the field. I guess it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're trying to analyze his pitching mechanics, I think a video would serve you better. Videos from home plate, center field, and third base (if right-handed) and first base (if left-handed - the pitcher, not the photographer) will provide a pitching coach all the information he needs to make adjustments or corrections to a pitcher's mechanics. The videos give the coach an idea of timing, smoothness,and speed, which stills can't provide. If you're just trying to nail that perfect moment for a scrapbook, or to make an enlargement suitable for framing, I don't see why you can't do that with a single shot - just keep trying until you get the timing down. I wouldn't spend a couple of hundred dollars extra just to get a better burst mode.

The S5100, by the way, has 3 burst modes - top 3, bottom 3, and long continuous, which will take 40 shots at any resolution setting.

Anyway, good luck with your selection, and I hope your son makes it to the "Bigs".

the Hun

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Old Jul 19, 2005, 12:21 PM   #5
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Perhaps it is just me. But I have been taking photos professionally for over 50 years, and I do not use burst mode that much. I don't personally see it as that big of an advantage. Perhaps it is sort of a "firehose" kind of solution.

Instead, I prefer to track the action in my viewfinder and to visually pick out the peak action that I desire. It is just a thought or guess, but I would venture thethought that, with your particular/unique needs, you will most probably end up using a dSLR camera.

With dSLR camera prices falling rapidly, it might be worth a look at the current offerings to ascertain if they might more effectively meet your needs.

Sarah Joyce
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Old Jul 19, 2005, 1:02 PM   #6
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Star2Nite wrote:
P.S.* Have a like new Kyocera M410R for sale if anyone is interested LOL.
To be honnest, I don't understand : AFAIK the Kyocera has (almost) everything you want, may be even everything you need.
So why do you want to get another camera ?:?:

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Old Jul 19, 2005, 3:10 PM   #7
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The Kyocera will be perfect for someone, just isn't me. I am not putting it down at all.One thing I did not like about theKyocera was with theadaptor ring on there would be dark shadows in the picture. The flash being close to the bodycauses the ring to block the photos and I really like to leave the ring on to protect the lens anddon't wanttoworry about taking it off if a candid opportunity arises.

And yes, it has quite a few of my requirements I agree. I guess it was operator error, but I am somewhatamateurat photography and I just didn't feel comforable with the Kyocera. I could never seem to get a pic at the long end of the telephotoin focus, no matter what I did. And that is mainly what I will use my camera for.

Please don't get irritated or frustrated...everyone has likes and dislikes. I did what everyone said and purchased the Kyocera and tried it out. Unfortunately for me I did not care for it, so now it will be a gain for someone else because they can save some money when I sell it.

Sorry guys.

Still would love to see your Canon S2 IS action or candid family shots.

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Old Jul 27, 2005, 7:49 AM   #8
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Old Jul 28, 2005, 7:50 AM   #9
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You sure know how to sell a camera...by listing negatives things you found with it:roll:
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