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Okay - Ive narrowed my selections to the these two camera. Specs are very similiar, and so is the price.

I like each one for very goofy reasons.

Sony - I like the large LCD. I'm 50 and need glasses to do everything so having the large LCD I think I should be able to see the screen enough without glasses.

Cannon - my small point & shoot Olympis also uses an SD card so that is attractive to me.

So I'm hoping you guys can give me a little better reasons to go with one over the other than my stupid analogies!!!!

Thanks for any recommendations you can give me.
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Any chance you can actually handle them somewhere? I ask because the two cameras are so close in capability that other concerns such as ergonomics become more important than usual. If it were me, I would get the one that feels best in the hand.

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Old Jul 23, 2005, 12:09 AM   #3
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Thissounds very familiar!

My Dad turned 64 and asked for a digital camera for his birthday. AfterI didof lots of research on cameras, we narrowed it down to the Sony DSC-H1 and the Canon S2-IS. Dad and I then went to Best Buy so he could "field test" the two models. It didn't take him too long to make up his mind; he liked the H1 lots better.

The biggest reason: he could see the large H1 screenmuchbetterthan thesmall S2 screen. Again, Dad is 64. He depends a lot on his bifocals, so a large, easy-to-see screen is a HUGE factor for him. He can even see the H1 screen okay enough without his glasses, whichallows him to use the cameraif his bifocals aren't around.

There were other reasons he liked the H1, but the big LCD screen was an important factor. I knew that if Dad couldn't see the LCD screen very well, he would never use the thing and it would sit in his closet, no matter howspectacular and wonderful everything else was on the camera.

We bought theH1 and he loves it. I was so impressed with it I bought myself an H1a few weeks later! I am also very happy with mine.Ilike thelargeLCD screenbecause makes it easier to decide if a shot is worth keeping or not.

So, here's my advice: a larger screen is likely a bigger deal than you think it is, and you'll probably be annoyed or frustrated if you get a camera with a small screenrequiring youto squint or put on your glasses every time you look atit. Yes, you'll have to get a different kind of memory card for the Sony, but so what?

You could always buy the H1, test it out for a day to see if you like the camera as a whole, and take it back if it does not meet your expectations.

Good luck!

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I've never been a fan of making a camera decision on holding a camera for a minute or so in a store. A lot of memory comes into play. It should feel a certain way because your SLR or whatever felt like that. Or this control should be here because it is where you are accustomed to finding it.

I don't think a camera ever felt worse to me than the first time I picked up my new FZ10. There just wasn't a comfortable place for your left hand. There are a couple of ways I hold it according to how steady I need to be, but both are quite comfortable once I learned you didn't grip the left edge of the camera. I have read several comments by people who bought another camera after holding a FZ10 or 20 in a store and declared it unsuitable. I doubt there is anyone posting on the Panasonic board that thinks their FZs are not comfortable in their hands. I doubt most of them felt that way the first time they picked it up.

My near vision isn't great and I love the 2.5 inch LCD on my little Z750 because I have to make all my settings with the LCD. I switch the LCD off on my D7i and FZ10. I see no use for it with an EVF. It is useful for showing your pictures to other people maybe. But I would use an articulated LCD like the S2 often. Often over your head or near the ground gives a much nicer perspective. And sometimes over your head is the only way to get a clear shot. Or around a corner or object. And people don't tend to pose if you aren't standing behind a camera aiming it at them.

The 640 X 480 at 30fps movie mode on the S2 is spectacular. You can use the optical zoom with movies. It has stereo sound with a wind buffer. Add stabilization to the mix and you should be able to get some pretty good movies. I know it isn't a camcorder, but how often are you going to carry both?

I use my burst mode often. The burst mode on the S2 isn't quite as good as the FZ's, but it is acceptable. The H1 has no burst mode to speak of.

If I were getting a super zoom camera today it would be the S2.

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The Sony DSC-H1 does have a burst mode, though not asfast as the Canon S2-IS burst mode. Here is the blurb on that from the DCRP H1 review:

"There are three continuous shooting modes on the [H1]: burst mode, exposure bracketing, and multi burst mode. Burst mode took nine shots in a row at 1.3 frames/second (in my testing) which is average at best. For the sake of comparison, the Canon PowerShot S2 can take an infinite number of photos at 2.3 frames/second while the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 can do the same but at 2 frames/second. Exposure bracketing takes three shots in a row, each with a different exposure which you can set in the menu. Finally, multi burst takes 16 shots in a row at the interval of your choosing and puts them into a single 1 Megapixel image (like a collage). "

As far as the LCD screen itself goes, you have to decidewhich you prefer: the larger 2.5 inchSony H1LCD thathas noability move; or the smaller 1.8 inch Canon S2 LCD thatcan tilt and swivel.It would be nice if someone made a camera with a 2.5 inch LCD that moved (hint, hint, Sony and Canon), but such is life.

When considering which LCD feature was more important to me (I also narrowed it down to thesetwo cameras), I asked my myself this: Out of every 100 times I pick upmy camera to shoot something, how many times would I rather have thelarger-but-stationary2.5 inch LCD, and how many times would I prefer the articulating-but-smaller1.8 inchLCD? This is a good question that may help you decide one way or the other.

For me,I figured out that I'd ratherhave the larger screen most of the time. That is one of several reasons I bought the H1.

Please post what you finally decide on. I'm curious!

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If you haven't bought yet, make sure you check out the Panasonic DMC-FZ5. It's smaller and lighter than the Sony or the Canon. It's just as fast or faster at focusing and capturing and produces image quality very close to tha Canon and well above the Sony.
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