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This may anger all you 'digicam' fans, but I have sold my digital rebel... less then a year after I purchased it. :?:?:?

the reason I sold it is because I bought a Pentax k1000 (35mm), and love it soooooo much, that I never even touch my 300d anymore.

anyways.. the reason for this post is I'm wondering if any of you know of a good negative scanner.. I dont want a flatbed.. preferably a small & affordable scanner that will give me good quality scans from my 35mm negs.

there are SO many scanners out there.. where do I start?!

Thanks for any help!!

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Dear BongLoard,

A couple of years ago I bought a Minolta Scan Dual III to scan about 1,500 transparencies. It worked very well, producing (at maximum resolution) BMP files up to about 30 MB. Most of my scans were about 6 MB. I have since scanned a lot of colour negatives and have no complaints at all. It cost about $450 in Toronto, incl. taxes. There may now be a Scan Dual IV on the market.

More recently I bought a Canonscan 4200F for use with prints, and again I got lucky. Cost about $200 incl. sales taxes. I should think the 8400F would be even better.

Hope this helps.


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Depends on what you mean by affordable :blah:

The Minolta 5400 is also a very excellent scanner, scans at 5400 dpi and has a decently high D-max. I guess now-a-days it should be selling for around 600$us.
Otherwise those scan-duals are a good choice.

The K-1000 is one excellent camera, that was the suggested one for the classes way back when I was in school. Make sure you have a good meter to go along with it. I used to use a seconic L-398 incident/reflected meter. No spot metering but the price is right on the older non-memory models. (also no batteries were needed in the non-memory models).

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Hey thanks for the input! Ive been reading about all these scanners.. I really would prefer to stay away from flatbeds, so those dual scans look pretty good to me. I am wondering if it is really worth forking out the extra 'bling' for the 5400. I just sold my rebel for $750.. and basically that's my 'allowance' to get myself set up with this k1000. ive already got 2 bodies and 2 50mm lenses.. im looking to purchase another lens, and probably a nice light meter, aswell as the scanner. I found a 5400 on eBay for $480 plus shipping.. which is decent.. no?


Anyway, I really appreciate all the suggestions! I'll keep looking around and doing my homework on this one. $500US is alot for me to drop on a scanner, so hopefully i'll find a better deal.
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Stay away from flatbed scanners if possible because dedicated slide scanners produce much sharper scans. I've owned a Minolta Dual and it was the best value for the money. That said, the Nikon makes better scanners because its ICE technology scans the slide surface and looks for dust and scratches and does a great job of cleaning up the scans automatically.*
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