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I've been looking for a digital camera with the following features, I hope this FORUM can help me J :

1. At Least 5.0 MP

2. Memory Dependent Video Recording Function (640x480 Resolution, minimum of 10 FPS)

3. Can capture photo / shoot video and produce decent images on Lowlight / Dim lighted places.

At first I have the following brand choices: CANON, SONY, KODAK, HP & OLYMPUS.

I tried searching for products with the functions mentioned above. CANON & OLYMPUS have great features but their video recording feature is not memory-capacity dependent and is limited to a short period of time. HP Digicams with video recording function are memory-capacity dependent but can only record a maximum resolution of 320x240. That leaves me with SONY & KODAK.

I do have a budget of $600 (camera & storage) and I came out with the following SONY & KODAK Models:

1. Sony CyberShot DSC-P93 - 5.1 mp - $290

2. Sony DSC-P100 – 5.1 mp - $ 435

3. Kodak EasyShare LS753 – 5.0 mp - $370

I read a lot of positive feedbacks with SONY. When it comes to lowlight functionality, the Sony CyberShot DSC-P93 and the Sony DSC-P100 has high ratings.

There are lots of Positive Feedbacks on the Kodak EasyShare LS753 but I can hardly find someone giving feedback emphasis on the lowlight function.

SONY is great and has faster video recording function (640x480 at 30 fps compared to Kodak's 640x480 at 13 FPS) but Memory sticks, especially PRO are expensive and have smaller capacities compared to SD cards. At this point I would like to pick the Kodak EasyShare LS753 because SD cards are much cheaper compared to Memory Stick Media but the only thing that is pulling me back is the lowlight function. I can hardly find reviews emphasizing its lowlight capabilities…

Thank You Very Much
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Either your top secret location is in a place where the value of the dollar is low or you are shopping at the wrong place. You can get a Sony P200 for $330 including shipping in the US. And a Kodak V550 for $370 delivered. Those are both top of the line models. Maybe you should tell us what kind of dollars you are talking about.

The cameras in the size you seem to be looking for have f2.8 lenses at wide angle that go to around f5 at telephoto. They all do about the same in low light. There are a couple of exceptions. The Panasonic FX9 has stabilization which lets you handhold and get sharp images in low light. And the Fuji F10 lets you crank up the ISO to get better low light images. The Fuji has good noise reduction, but it is still noisier than the Panasonic at the ISO it needs to equal the stabilization. But the stabilization doesn't work for any image motion – it just filters out your hand movement and lets you shoot at a lower shutter speed. Unfortunately both cameras are pure point and shoot with no viewfinder. Both LCDs are hard to see in bright sunlight and the Panasonic LCD is hard to see in very dim light as well.

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