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Could This be a Solution?

Seeing as how I am having trouble finding a long zoom camera that has all of the criteria that I would like is this a possible alternative or not. Please see Bitten By the Long Zoom Bug discussion under this topic.

I had wanted to go with either a Canon S1 IS or a Pan DMC FZ3 and thought I would like the Pan. Then I went looking for some place to purchase the camera. The only retailers I could find for the Pan. did not have very good ratings.:evil: I wanted some place that would take it back if I was unhappy with it. No place local has one for me to look at. I am just not sure if a long zoom is going to be every thing I am hoping for. Is getting an older model like a Canon G5 or Oly 5050 that are 5mp cameras and just crop the image to 5x7 or even 4x6 to get the picture that I want, think long zoom here. Seems like there are a lot of these for sale on Ebay with people upgrading.:idea: I might as well know if the outset that it is a done deal than going through some Internet site that says you can return something and then gives you a run around. I guess what I am asking is can I get the same 5x7 from a 5mp camera taken at a 5x optical zoom that I could have taken with a 3mp 10x or 12x zoom with no crop. Is the image quality going to be equal.:angry: I am thinking better low light handling more of an all around camera without the draw back of the longer zoom that all seem to have issues with low light situations and the like. Am I making sense at all?

Should I throw in a Fuji F10 as a nice little camera that is good in low light and crop those?

I am having trouble finding a Internet site that has a decent rating and good prices on resellerratings.com which someone said to check.

While I am at it, what about adding a 2x zoom lens to a G5 or a an Oly 5050? Would that giveme it 5x x 2x equal 10x zoom?:? Are there issues there I should be aware of and what is a ball park figure one would expect to pay for such a lens? Wish money wasn't an issue or I could just try one out for a couple of days and that would help to answer so many of my questions. I don't even know someone that has one that I could look at.

Is there an fix included in a program that can easily fix the purple fringing that seems to be an issue with the 5050 or would that be something that is an add-on?

Once again thanks for all the help and advice.


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hey clueless,

NO, these ideas are not a solution. Stick a 2x teleconverter on a 5x and you degrade the picture quality. Cropany picture and you degrade the picture quality. If you want a megazoom, buy one...buy a good one..buy a current one. You think buying an older model 5x zoom camera is going to save you money - then you're going to shell out $150 for a decent teleconverter so that you can get a 10x zoom? What you get is a poor quality picture that cost you more money than you could have bought the 10x zoom camera for.

You've been agonizing over these issues for 2 weeks now (at least in this forum), and you're no closer than when you started. It's time to make up your mind and make the big purchase. Play around with the camera for 6 months or a year. If there are features you'd rather have, sell it on ebay and buy another...talking about it isn't going to help you.

Did that help at all?

the Hun

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A 12X crop from a 5X 5Mp camera will give you around 1Mp. That won't give you a decent 5 X 7. You also have the same shake considerations as if you had taken it at 12X. The combination of stabilization and f2.8 at 12X in the FZ3 can't be duplicated by buying a higher Mp camera and cropping.
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I happen to have these pictures online from another discussion. They are both crops of a larger image. The first is a crop from my FZ10. The second from a 5Mp 3X camera. 5X would have been a tad better, but would still have been very poor.

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