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Hi all. I have been lurking around Steve's forums for some time now, and I have finally decided to take my digital photography hobby more serious and upgrade from a crippling slow Olympus 2020z. I am going to Afghanistan soon, and would like to know which camera would be best suited for that type of field environment. Based on the budget I have set for myself, I have narrowed down my choice to either the D70 kit or the reduced priced D2H body. I have read plenty of reviews on both of the cameras, so I do know the differences between the two. I can't decide if the smaller sized D70/with included lens, or the weather sealing, ruggedness, and high performance of the D2H would be a better choice. The D70 is a "newer" camera, but I am afraid it will be too fragile for Afghanistan. I can get a really good deal on a D2H body, so the price/performance ratio is good on that side. I am technical minded, so I am not afraid of the D2H's learning curve, but it still may be too much camera for an amateur. I will mainly be taking personal photos and action photos for our unit while we are deployed. I have some experience using film SLRs, the latest being my wife's N80. I have been waiting to dive into the Digital SLR market once the prices dropped to my range, and now's the time. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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It would useful what you mean by "action photos". Nighttime? With bullets flying?

I can see how build quality is important in an environment like the one you will be in.

Are you sure you want a DSLR? Yeah, the night time shots will be much better. But won't it be easier to get dust on the sensor? Can you clean the sensor in the field?

I would be apt to get an advanced prosumer. But if you can afford it and can keep the sensor clean, I would go for the more expensive camera.

Unless you have Nikon lenses, I would also consider the Canon EOS 20D.

Anyway, good luck and come back in one piece.

Best wishes
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in the field, the weather sealing andmetal constructionof the d2h COULD be of big help, depending on situations.. the sand and abuse could be tough on the polycarbonate d70.. if you can get a good deal on the d2h by all means its a great tool...
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The Olympus E-1 has a rugged magnesium alloy body, it and it's lenses are sealed against dust and the E-1 uniquely has an ultrasonic sensor cleaning system. It looks like it would fit your needs as well as being a great camera.
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