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Its critical for me to get a camera which doesn't blurr every single image I shoot.

I also like Fast Shutter and shot to shot times for stopping motion.

I just got a Sony DSC-W5 which I love, But It won't stop giving me a Vibration WARNING with the Flash Off, at least the 5900 can diable the Warning.

I really hope the Nikon 5900's Sports mode is good for stopping Basket Ball and Moving Cars.

Thw W5 has alot going for it USB 2.0, Fastest Shot to shot times of the 3 from what I gathers from Steves Review, Imaging-Resource, and dcresource, and a 2.5" TFT screen (blurry pics bad)

The Nikon very good 2" LCD only same resolution as the W5, 16 Shooting modes, Great Reviews and Recomendations from Pro's Nikon Quality Service, Sharp Pics (no usb 2.0 Bad)

Canon SD400, Love Canon its like a little Jewl, Fast Shot to Shot, USB 2.0 Limited Shoting Modes, Questionable Motion Stopping, (bad battery life)

One of these has to be for me.
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"Its critical for me to get a camera which doesn't blurr every single image I shoot.

Then don't buy any of these three cameras. They all max out at ISO 400, and the widest aperture is F2.8...unless you're going to be taking pics of outdoor baskball on a sunny day, you won't be able to freeze the action without blur.

Cars shouldn't be a problem.

the Hun
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