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First let me say I am camera stupid. I have read alot of reviews but I get so lost in all the numbers so I hope that by just asking all of your opinions that I can find a camera that I will like.

About 2 weeks ago I bought a Nikon Coolpix 7600 and let me say that I just HATE IT! Inside when I try to take pictures of my cats or my son the lag is sometimes 2 seconds or longer. Outside the camera and auto focus does much better but I do take pictures of my pets inside and would like for the camera to take the picture before they move their heads. I haven't even been able to get one picture like this. So I have decided to take this camera back.

I looked at the Kodak Z740. The zoom seems good for my son's football games. I also read good reviews about the Fuji F10.

Here are my main wants,

To take good instant or almost instant pictures.

Be able to blow up the picture in good quality to at least 8 X 10

Cost about 400 or under.

This is going to be just an all around family camera. We are adopting a little girl and I need a camera for memories of our trip to China. We are going to Disney in a month and I need a camera for that. My son plays football, basketball, baseball and tennis and I need a camera for that.

Oh and I also need a SD card camera since I have 2 1GB SDMemory Cards.

Thank you all so much!
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The F10 takes xD cards. With no viewfinder it is hard to follow sports when zoomed out on the LCD. This might be of interest to you: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=14000000 You can generate a faster shutter with the F10 with higher ISO, which would be good for sports. And get better indoor shots without a flash.

You might consider the Panasonic FZ5. The stabilization doesn't help for sports, but the f2.8 to 12X does. The Z740 is almost an f-stop slower at full zoom. With the stabilization you can take a lot of available light photos you can't get without it. And use the long zoom in lighting situations you can't without the stabilization. The movies are only 320 X 240 but at 30fps. The Kodak movies are a nicer resolution but jerky at 13fps.

The regular shutter lag on the Z740 isn't that great – especially at full zoom. But if you leave it in continuous focus it is pretty good. Continuous focus uses the battery faster. For sports if you pre-focus with continuous focus engaged you can follow the action and the focus updates. The shutter lag with most cameras is very fast if you do that. Most better cameras have a continuous focus mode.

No matter what price range you list someone will always mention something over that. But the Canon S2 might be worth consideration. The movie mode approaches a camcorder. It takes 640 X 480 movies at 30fps with stereo sound and even has wind buffering. You can use the 12X optical zoom with the movies and they are mechanically stabilized. You effectively have a camcorder with you when you have your camera, so you don't have to carry both. The articulating LCD is handy in many situations. Every review has given it top ratings.

Friends of mine have gotten two baby girls from China. He is ethnic Chinese and speaks the language. The girls are beautiful. Best of luck with that – hope it all works out well for you.

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Thank you so much. I will look at the S2. Its just so hard to play with them in a store and know if you are really going to like it or not.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or ideas?
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I just got an FZ5! I love it. I've taken over 500 pics, and I've had it 2 weeks. Tonightmy daughter was running all over pushing her wagon at "full speed" and the pictures were incredible! I'm very pleased with the speed. It alsohas very fast focus. We are going to disney in late Sept, and I'm so excited to have my FZ5! I also like the 12 optical zoom!

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