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Hi, all!

My sis is looking for a compact easy to use camera. She has 2 kids, and is not looking to spend a whole lot, just wants to be able to capture the action quickly & accurately.

Any & all ideas & suggestions more than welcome!


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Casio Z57. Great picture quality, big screen, point and press, so simple to use. I bought one for my daughter a technophobe, and she loves it.
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Panasonic FX8

5 Mpixels, 3x zoom with Optical Image Stabilisation

great AF system with quick focusing (0.3-0.5 sec @ wide) and AF assist lamp

Sensitivity is set by auto or manual.

latrge, 2.5" LCD

you can find reviews here:

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Hey, guyz! Thanks so much for the tips.

I was actually looking at a something in the Cannon Powershot family -- does anyone have any thoughts on these? For some reason I have a hard time trusting names that are not strictly associated with photography, and tend to "trust" names like Nikon, Minolta & Cannon. But I realize that I could be wrong...

Any thoughts?
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Go through Steve's list of best cameras. Look in the Consumer 5+ and 4Mp columns and find something in your price range. Each listing is a link to the full review. http://www.steves-digicams.com/best_cameras.html

You can then check here for the prices: http://www50.shopping.com/xPP-Digita...kin_id-3053120

Steve tests just about every decent camera that comes out, and you will find his list isn't dominated by Canon, Nikon and Minolta in the consumer camera categories. Over the years I researched each camera I bought for image quality and features. I ended up with a Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic and my most recent a Casio.

If you want a Canon the SD300 & SD 400 are nice little cameras for a decent price. If she wants something a little larger the Canon A520 is inexpensive and competent. You can get a charger and NiMH battery set from Wal-Mart in the $20 range, but make sure to include that in the purchase plan. The A520 isn't real fast for shutter lag and cycle times though.

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The Canon Powershot SD300 and S400 are pretty small and easy to use and take sharp, colorful pictures. The newer model SD400 and S500 are more expensive and don't offer that much of an improvement (IMHO) relative to the cost.

I bought my wife an SD300 and she loves it. I use her old S230 as my backup camera and it fits in my pocket very easily.

Don't be put off by Casio and Panasonic cameras though. Remember digital photography owes it's roots more to the world of video cameras than to film camers. Sony also makes some good compact cameras.
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I agree, don't discount the Casio, Panasonic, and other "off brand" digicams. You probably should watch out for brands that you have never heard of though.

There are many fewer manufacturers of digicam parts like sensors and lenses than there are digicam manufacturers so the "off brand" digicams are likely to use some of the same parts as the traditional players.
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