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Hi. Pardon the terrible pun in the subject, I am a current Circuit City employee in the technology department, that finally decided it's time to get with the 21st century and buy himself a digital camera. Yay!

*self praise over*

Anyways, I have been a longtime reader of this site, and referred many a customer here for more information. Well, now I am that customer, and I am looking for some help.

I personally love Canon and Nikons. Always have, always will. In my opinions, they have always come out with the best photos. I need one that fits a few requirements...

1.) Able to take good low lighting shots. Part of my use for this camera is to bring to parties and cookouts, which (always) run into the night time. Most cameras I have played around with, the second the sun drops and the lights are low/out, they cannot perform. I am not asking for perfection, but if someone is on a porch making a toast around a table, I'd like to actually see what he's doing, and not just a dimmed person holding up a drink. Ya know what I mean?

2.) Good person shots. Pretty simple, good, lifelike shots of humans.

3.) Preferably would like to be able to take photos with *some* motion without blur (or without much blur). Don't know how possible this is, so don't base your choices entirely on this, but please, if this applies, let me know.

4.) The smaller, the better. However, I know the smaller you get you are giving up some features. However, I'd like something small =D

I was looking originally at the S1 Nikon and SD400, but my research seems to show they will not do the trick (please correct me if this is wrong). I tried my friend's Nikon 5200, and it seemed to take AMAZING photos with the flash in low light, as long as it was indoors. Outdoors, it choked badly, haha.

I'm on a reasonable spending limit, no more than 350-400 tops. Please.

I am looking to make this purchase very soon (as I need to get one soon, hahahah). Any good solid responses would be highly appreciated.

Thank you all.


edit: Also, I am not opposed to getting a discontinued/hard to find model, as noted from the 5200 above. However, I would like something I can still find on a reputable website/store =P
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