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thanks for the input everyone

just to clarify, what I meant was, I take reference pictures to paint *from*, like.. instead of drawing sketches, if you see what I mean. although I do take shots of actual paintings too occasionally, so yes, distortion & flash issues do apply.
that's one of my concerns re. the C-8080, I read in several reviews that it has problems focusing in low light, and my C-5050 had that problem too (although at the time I thought that those were the usual limitations of digital cameras / autofocus). I do have a tripod though.
Allegedly the Panasonic Lumix DMC fz20 does well in low light (not tried it out myself), but then without the wide angle I'd probably hardly ever use it in low light interiors..

Regarding zoom/tele and macro, would it make sense to buy additional lens attachents for the c-8080? But maybe if I go that far I might as well get an Ultra Zoom now avoiding cumbersome accessories, and then a good quality dSLR at a later point... gah. I just can't think. :O

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Some personal thoughts and considerations in finding the best working compromise possible, for u below.

It is my personal reasoning by different approach way of arguing,it is intended for naiad first and foremost, as a possible different approach in aiding in the consideration of choices.

I recomended the c7070 above as a better alternative then the c8080 because u keep it compact.

My reasoning was that the c8080 is as big as a dSLR and the main reason for getting a point and shoot would be for its compact size alowing spontaneous and always at hand smooth photo oportunitie.

BelowI have weighted what kind of camera i think will give uthe best joyment, acessability, spontanity, fast results, simpliefied operation, hasselfree endresult that will capture your attention aswell as imagination because of the mesmerizing pictures it takes.

If i where u, i would try to get a combination that won´t loose in quality even as years go by and keep it´s competitivness for years, because of its solid pure timeless quality and picture result, equally as good today as tomorrow.

Also i would look to take the best possible pictures with highest possible dynamic range capturing best possible escence of reality, sharp overal big picture, smooth non intrusive but profound microdetail and colours with body and life breathed into them and highest level of competing energies of contrasts captured, so that your inner visualisation can have as nice of a reference stimuli as it is possible.

The more natural and harmonic the seed, themore potentthe inspiration for your painting sessions, thus possibly keeping you more focused and interested for longer runs. Its the same with all instruments, if it can comunicate on a deeper level, the soul will tune into its frequency.

A camera that gives u best possible output directly, without tomouch need of tweaking of settings to get the best out of every shot, gives u more time to concentrate on chosing the refernce subject and getting to the scetching/painting process faster, instead of having to tweak camera settingsor PhotoShop postprocessing , risking to destroing the spontanity and benefit´s that come from digging into the painting directly,instead of spending time on technical considerations. I say minimize the digital stages of the handcrafting and shift focus where it matters.

If u are sniffing at the c8080 why not get something that will handle difficult situations better and being aprox the same size.
The c8080 has no Mechanical zoom ring on the lens, and it zooms in Only five steps of zoom from wide to telephoto.

I think u should get a linear ring zoom, preferably over stepped zoom, for more intuitive handling.

I suggest the Nikon D50 + Nikkor 18-70mm DX lens (27-105mm @35mm) as a better alternative then the Olympus C8080 for u, that will give u more pleasurein the long run (C-8080's lens provides an equivalent 28 to 140 ).
It will give u a more articulate and presice source, at the same time handling everything u throw at it more easily, it is still going to be easy to work with.

This will leave u more time for your inner creative process than technical fiddeling.
Also the reference pictures will pic up more of the escence and textures that render reality, beacuse of the betterprocessing of more difficult dynamic lightening situations.

If the pictures are more fun to watch u could possibly be more inspired by them, or on the contrary perhaps to nice of a picture that fills u with a wow sensation could perhaps reduce the imaginative process needed, since the source material is so good it will really catch your attension but i doubt "too good" would have a negative effect.

U will want to have a combination u are proud of in the long run, once u are really satisfied u dont have to think of upgrading anything andit is a sweet relaxing feeling being shure and satisfied.

Also I am a beliver that if the work becomes more phun because of tools that radiates quality and has a handling and touch to it that is ergonomic and really really comfortable to use, it is an important part of the creative chain and it will show in the result as a little more personaltouch and attitude.

If u are thinking of fiddeling with adapter lenses i say thats just another reason to go with the better choice directly, instead of realising it later. I´d rather fiddle with 1 good slr lens always hooked on anyway, then having to put on ugly "raynox adaptors" that themselfes cost a fortune.


Afemale friend ishiking around in Argentina, Paraguai, Brazil with her pure new d50. And as u can imagine here is no place for Photoshop post processing or Nikon Capture postprocessing that the d70 needs. She needed to get the best possible picture result directly soit fell in favor to the d50 instead of the d70 (no "s" same pricerange)

So the question is wich compromise is the best for u, I think the d50 with the 18-70dx lens is the best working combination

as it gives beautiful pictures straight out of the camera, with no need to fix underexposure and softness, that the d70 will need unless u are professional and know the d70 inside out and can possiblytweak the exact settings needed for every situationon the camera controls.

The economicchoice is go with the 18-55 kit lens, but the Nikkor 18-70mm DX is the prefered combination!. When u also do not have time or do not wish to spend time with Software postprocessing, the d50 is optimal compromise it gives the bestpossible result out of the box directly, ready to print or paint .

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"My reasoning was that the c8080 is as big as a dSLR and the main reason for getting a point and shoot would be for its compact size alowing spontaneous and always at hand smooth photo oportunitie."

it's a bit smaller than a typical DSLR. and with the fact that it can be had for around $500, there's a lot of reasons to get it. namely, the resolution, and the fantastic lens. a lens of this quality for a DSLR would cost several hundred dollars alone, if not more.

"The c8080 has no Mechanical zoom ring on the lens, and it zooms in Only five steps of zoom from wide to telephoto."

absolutely untrue. i just counted 15 steps on my 8080, and there's probably more than that. 15 steps between 28-140mm is plenty to compose shots.

not trying to dissuade anybody here, just thought i'd get the facts straight.
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Ok i guess i should have stuck to steve beacuse he also counts 20and not snipped the 5 step from dpreview cons, but it´s never wrong to getthe factsstraightend out.

As to the size thebody id say it´s just about equal from what i could eye judge at the local dealer, if u count the body (except lens) in volume i dont think there is much difference. But then again thats subjective.

The superiour for point and shoot´s retracting lens shure will make "the whole" smaller when tucked away, but also acount for startup time while expanding.

And i guess in between our thoughts and straightened fact´s lies a pretty nice and diversepool to see "the big picture".

Hopeu all get happy and satisfied by finding the best possible solution for your needs.

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thanks for your thoughts, very much appreciated.
I was seriously considering going straight for a dSLR, but to be honest I would like to wait for a bit longer, save up some cash and do more research (I've really not looked into current dSLRs much before and I don't feel I can make an informed decision yet).

I have found a C-8080 for a good price and I've decided to go for that, because it'll be familiar and I can get started straight away (I'm a bit under time pressure due to project deadlines unfortunately) and being under £350 it's significantly cheaper than a dSLR (also makes it easier to justify buying a dSRL as an additional camera in the not too distant future). The only thing is it'll take about 10 days to get here.. eep.

I'll let you know how I get on, or if I change my mind last minute (like I'm prone too...)

again, thank you all for taking the time to reply, I'm glad I found this forum!
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