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CANON S1 OR fuji Finepix s5100 ?
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I have the s-1. I love it. I don't believe the 5100 has image stablization and the S-1 uses compact flash verses one of the ?-D memories for teh 5100. My girlfriend has the 5100 and Fuji's do take good pics. I like the color on them.
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The S5100 has AF illumination for better low light focusing, 4 MP vs. 3.2 MP, and has RAW mode capability.

the Hun
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the AF Assist in S5100 is very poor.

RAW mode is great.

both cameras make little soft images.

take a look at Panasonic DMC-FZ4, or FZ3, and compare it.

here you can find reviews (includes Steve's articles):

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I got the S5100 and like it a lot. I chose it over the Canon S1 because I liked the way it felt in my hand better (plus I like black better than silver). That was the major factor in my decision. The Canon seemed to have a few more quirks in reviews than the Fuji, but I can't recall what exactly they were. The only thing I wish the Fuji had was IS, but for the price I can't complain. XD is not as much of a factor anymore. I just picked up a 1 GB card for $85 deliveredfrom Newegg. Not as cheap as SD or CF, but not enough of a difference to really sway my decision.

For as cheap as they both are right now I think you'll be pleased with either one. The best thing I could say is go to a store and hold both of them. I almost bought the Canon over the Fuji until I picked it up, so try them both if you can.
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Hey there,

While 'holdablity' is important to me as well, it may not always be the most important decision maker. I know I was not overly impressed with how the Oly C-770 felt in my hands (it wasn't comfortable for me -I like bigger cameras).The price recently helped my overcome my objection. I have had the camera for almost two weeks now, and I have overcome the discomfort and am quite relaxed holding and operating the beast now. (and I tend to be kinesthetic by nature, feel is important)

If both cameras are equalling appealing in every other way, the 'grip' might be the deciding factor; however, if you prefer one over another but you're concerned about the 'holdability',you mightconsider if that is something you can adapt to...

just another thought on the 'feel' issue...


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