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:?Hello there. I really need some help finding a digital camera. This will be my first digital and I have been looking into a few different ones. The S2, H1, Fz5, and the 7590 and I have found myself leaning toward the Canon S2. My biggest concern is that I am new to digital photography and really don't know what ISO or aperture mean or how to set them. I really like the features of the canon like the 9 colors mode and the great video mode but my biggest concern is that I really need a camera with a long zoom and image stablizer for sports. My husband plays football and my daughter plays lacrosse and my son plays hockey. I have heard that the S2 is great at taking sports photo but how do you set it to sports mode? All the other cameras have that as an automatic option. Is it easy enough for a first time digital user to learn? Does the general auto picture taking mode work for that or would I be better off with the Sony or Panasonic? I have ruled out the Kodak because it has no Image Stablizer and I don't really like the way the Panasonic looks or feels in my hands. Someone PLEASE help!!! I am so confused!!:?
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Definately go for Canon S2 IS. I am also planning to buy the same camera within next week (before 15th August, 2005). Excellent Camera with lots of features and also good for sports photography. S2 IS is equipped with DIGIC II processor which is usually found in Canon high end cameras like CANON EOS 350D DSLR. S2 is very fast in focusing and it's burst mode (Continuous shots) is excellent, 2.4 fps (frames per second) which is comparitively very good. The S2 is user friendly. Your purpose is well served with this camera. So i highly recommend you the Canon S2 IS.

Please take opinions from others also.

All the best.

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Thank you Maddy!! I agree with you and I think I will be purchasing the Canon. I like all the feautures it has like the different color modes. So I can take football pictures with burst mode and in regular auto mode and they wont come out blury? Thanks again for your help!!

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If it focuses correctly (can be overcome by prefocusing), and there is enough light to enable you to have a fast enough shutter speed, there should be no blurring.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"The S2 considers distances of about 10m as infinity, so in theory you could prefocus at infinity, use F/8 if there is enough light, and snap away. Even using a larger aperature shouldnt be a problem at 10m or futher away.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Note: This is my theory, I have never actually used the camera in such a way.
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