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OK here it goes:
I am looking for a camera any size, with at least 5x optical, external flash and good build, I need something with automatic and manual,I want to learn how to use a the camera in different settings, a lens thread would be really nice.
I take pictures of my kids, actionshots , bugs , landscapes , parties, pretty much everything,I take hundreds of pictures a day,I have my camera more or less glued to my side at all times and in all places with out fail, currantlyI only have a kodak 3mp,I outgrew it a couple of weeks after getting it andI want my next camera to last alot longer ( I don't think another kodak will do for me, they are great but, not challenging), my buget without memory card ect. is $500-600. Very tired of mylimited kodak.

I was eyeing the Konica A2, anyone no anything about that please?
"If anyone has any ideas, i would be forever gratefull!
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Kafka, don't be so quick to write off kodak till you see the new P series coming out. I know your'e sick of reading but these new ones are a big jump and in your price range http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=18


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If you want a large camera I personally don't think you can do better overall than the A2.
Super high quality EVF – nothing else compares.
Big manual zoom ring – electric is rinky-dink unless you are talking about pocket cameras.
28mm wide angle – probably more useful than a long zoom for most family photography.
Stabilization – I'll never have another large camera without it and am hoping somebody besides Panasonic makes a pocket stabilized camera with a viewfinder and controls. People tout stabilization as a long zoom only thing, but it is just as useful for available light at wide angles. It doesn't help for subject movement though.
Raw – lots of prosumer cameras have raw, but you usually cool your heels between shots. Minolta effectively buffers 3 raw shots with almost instant response. After the 3 shots it is about as fast as most other cameras for their supposedly buffered shots.
Adobe RGB and 14 bit – great with raw.
Probably the best control setup on the market – I agree with Luminous Landscape that it is a camera designed by enthusiasts rather than just engineers. http://www.luminous-landscape.com/re...nolta-a2.shtml

I have a Panasonic FZ10 and really wish KM had gotten that great Leica lens rather than Panasonic. It works great for nature shots, but leaves a lot to be desired as a general purpose camera.

Not sure you will always have it with you like your Kodak though. The great camera you have sitting at home isn't much good when a photo opportunity comes up.

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Thanks alot, i am waiting till october to get my new cam, as there are some new ones coming out, such as the kodak, my problem with kodak is they have gotten cheap, very cheap, i have a film kodak instamatic 704 and my newer kodak easyshare, the difference is sad, i went down to my cc tryed out a couple of of the kodaks they build them cheap, likewise i was dissapointed with Canon S2 it felt like a toy! the sony H1 had a better feel to it, but has that annoying illuminator thing on it, and the Z5 handled worse then my daughters princess cam, sorry for being so negative i just wish they has some built like a brick digital cameras in my price range, i am itching to get my hands on a minolta and a fuji, but my hopes are somewhat fizzled, i live and breath taking pictures, it drives my husband and family insane all the time and about the size making it to were i would not take my camera everywere, it wouldn't happen, i am used to hauling a huge diaper bag everywere, a couple more lbs is worth it, i learned my lesson the day i was driving along and there was a mama deer and baby deer infieldand the sun was going down everything was kinda hazy, it was beautiful, i could go on but any old camera won't do for me i want quality and sigh i am not for sure i have the $$$ for it.

(by the way How does the a2 feel?)

To Dream the Impossible Dream............


This is a great forum, learning alot, thanks and thanks8)
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When you mean threaded lens, are you talking about a detacheable lens as in a digital SLR?

Fuji is coming out with the finepix 9000 this fall, which is an attached lens camera with a 28-300 lens.

The Fuji's tend to be quite light while well made (you can knock it around a bit), yet offer all the controls of a digital SLR.

Probably find one for about $500-600 this fall if you shop around online.

-- Terry
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Hey there,

I appreciate your desire to handle something that actually feels like a camera... I have the same problem:blah: .

What about the Oly C-8080? I hear it is built like a tank, has a fantastic lens, and is great 'shootin' machine. Do a search on the forum and check it out.

Also, the Oly C-7070 (4x opt). I am looking at both of these, myself, although have yet to be able to road test them..

Good luck with your search. There's plenty available.. I think that's what makes it so difficult. It's like being at a buffet and most everything is good.. but your tummy can only handle so much...


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Ohhh that Olympus! How'dI miss it,I thought I'd looked at every camera out there, nowI have to find a place that sells it soI can try it out! Thanks alotI am going to put that at the top of my list, as so far its the most deserving.I really am keen on seeing how those new Fuji's fair also though, they sound very interesting also, on the other hand we are going away in Sept. for a couple of weeks to visit familyI want to get good pictures instead of the half baked onesI am getting now, oh well we'll see,I am going to go out at the end of the week looking and testing, maybe i'll just come across somethingI love and ........

So who sells the Olympus and the a2 ( don'tknow what my thing with the a2 is,I just saw and it was an instant bonding, even though I've read the reviews and they all say it is not a great camera for moving targets a prime quality my new camera MUST have, sigh)

This is really great you know I thought it was crazy before choosing a camera and now its a little worse, but at least I've got goodcompany! Everyone has a good idea,I guess I'll have to get my husband to get two jobs soI can start collecting!!!!!!:lol:

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Here are two more that you can add to you list if you want to save some money, as the C-8080 is running right aroud $500 (US), I know I just bought one.

The other two alternative digital cameras are the Olympus C-5500 ( about $204 (US) and the Olympus C-7000 (about $278 (US). The C-5500 is a very nice 5mp, 5X optical zoom camera. The C-7000 is a very nice 7mp, 5X optical zoom camera. Those prices are a good deal less expensive than the C-8080.

It might be worth taking a look.

Sarah Joyce
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