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Between the two of them, which one would you recommend? Any other alternatives except those maybe? I have quite a tight budget (500-600$) and I'm not looking for a pro SLR.
Basically, what I'm looking for is a nice camera with great image quality and manual settings. Nothing serious, really, I'd just like a little more advanced camera this time. The quality of the two that I have mentioned seems to be a bit doubtful though ...

Any suggestions? Would love to hear. Any other alternatives perhaps?
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Hey there,

First, I appreciate thedifficult decision you face. There is such an incredible array of options, it's enough to make one's head spin...

Perhaps, if you can give a few more details, you might receive the response you are looking for.. Apparently, you are interested in a megazoom 'beastie'... also, there are several threads dealing with the two cameras you have listed. If you have not already searched the forum, give it a shot. Thereis(?) oodles of information already available.

There are plenty of great cameras out there, you just need to determine what you are looking for.

Also, there is this puppy.. the 'best of the bunch' page. Read the reviews (if you have not already) and see if that helps you narrow/clarify your parameters some...


Good luck, you are embarking on a daunting adventure.. Remember, the 'perfect' camera may not be out there, but there are many that are pretty darn close.

Oh, and let me know what you decide.. I'm still midstream, myself. I just picked up an Oly C-770, because I wanted something decent, yet inexpensive, to hold me while I search out the 'master cam' of my choice.



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The quality of the two that I have mentioned seems to be a bit doubtful though ...
I think the quality is pretty good on both. I think the FZ20 has slightly the better lens and the S2 better controls and much better movies. I also like the articulated LCD on the S2.

Both cameras are on Steve's best camera list and both are "Highly Recommended" at dpreview.

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Thankyou for the advices.

And yes; I've read and gone through the forums, several times, at several different pages. What I hate, is that sometimes the S2 is the greatest one, meanwhile the FZ20 rules another page.

I've thought about two other alternatives aswell now. The Olympus C-7070 and the Sony H1. Any thoughts about those? I'm actually really tempted about buying the 7070; even though it's bloody ugly and strangely shaped. Alright, 4x optical zoom sucks ....

And, well. First of all; the image quality. The FZ20 (and) S2 IS seems to be a tad ... pixellated. Skimming through reviews has brought me to the conclusions that the 7070 is the camera with the most convincing, excellent image quality. Also, it's pretty cheap, right? Not that it matters in Sweden (where I live btw) because well, umm. The FZ20 is about 700$ in Sweden, the S2 about 600$ and the 7070 about 550-600$ (so is the H1).
The noise issues with the FZ20 since I really hate cleaning up images afterwards. Also, the S2 IS has shown some really bad chromatic abbrevations.

I just want a camera with superb (or, as superb as it can get) quality, and most preferrably any of those alternatives that I've mentioned.

All these reviews just drives me NUTS. I need some to decide for me.
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I faced the same choice; I'd wanted an FZ20 for ages, but was also keeping up on other releases such as the Lumix FZ5, the Canon S2 IS, and Konica Minolta Z5. I read numerous reviews on each one, obtained brochures & specs, and so on.I also looked at demo models in stores.

In the end I didn't like the reports of occasional chromatic problems with the S2 IS lens and it's too full of features I'd never use - I couldn't care less about movies and whatnot. And there was something hard to put my finger on... something intangible about it just turns me off.

The KM Z5 has a nice lens and a flash hotshoe, and some attractive specs, but I didn't find reviews of its image quality encouraging. Its form factor was a turnoff too.

The FZ5 is nice but I was surprised at how small it is, and turned off by some of its specs or lack thereof e.g. no manual focus etc., no hotshoe.

In the end (yesterday actually) I went with the FZ20, and I don't regret it one bit. It was my first love -- I have wanted one since they were first announced last year. Its specs are perfect for me, the size is right, it feels very good in the hand. I can accept its level of noise (which is not that bad, really). And oooh that lens... it's superb. I'm looking forward to giving it a real workout today.
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I have not done as much research on the FZ 20 as on the S2, but the impression I get is that the FZ20 is better for your standard photos. Better lense, better image quality, faster focus. That said, I have a S2, and find nothing wrong with it in those respects. There is a little CA, it has a bit too much noise at ISO 200, 400. But I use denoising software and have not noticed bad CA in any of my photos.

What I think : Just photos, no movies, no "funny" features, but want extra "just photography" options like hot shoe, focus ring, the get the FZ20.

If you want a bit more options, unlimited continuous shooting, super macro, 15s or 1/3200s or think you might later on, go for the S2.

The S2's better battery life is also a plus.
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