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Tazzie wrote:
KM appear to have a QC problem. The KM 5Ds in body ISO is a money savor lens wise, but They have little to choose. Third part lens may need calbrated and or may not be fully functional at this time. The Pentax DSLR forum at present leads me to know I wouldn't want to deal with a Pentax Ds. Cannon is a slower camera to use with respect to settings and menue reading ability comared to the D70s. D50 and D70s don't have mirror lock-up. I see now why ruchai limped back toward the FZ-30 for birding.
Personally, I'm not worried about the QC problems (and yes, KM has had their share of them).

The backfocus problems boil down to adjusting 3 screws.There is a piece of rubber at the tripod mount that "hides" three screws that adjust the Autofocus Sensors. I've heard from several users that have adjusted their AF without sending their cameras in. These users report that turning these 3 screws 1/4 to 1/2 turn clockwise solved the BF problems.

If you dig around the internet forums, you'll see the same problems with other manufacturer's cameras, too. QC problems are notunique to Konica-Minolta.

7D owners are reporting turnaround in less than 1 week in many cases. That's good enough for me (if I happen to get a camera with a problem).
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I went through the exact same thing. Here is how I made my choice.

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