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Well like everyone else, I am looking for the "perfect" digicam for my needs. I really cannot bring myself to read another review!

I am strictly a novice photographer. I do a lot of travel by bicycle. I need a camera compact enough to fit on my bike, and rugged enough to take a little beating from the vibration transmitted through my frame. Ease of use and quick start-up are also important when taking pix from the bike. I guess that makes me a point and shoot photographer? Since I take many pictures outside in bright sunny weather, an optical viewfinder is a must. I have narrowed my selection to 3 choices -- all have 6+MP. My current camera is a Nikon Coolpix 880.

First is the Fuji FinePix E550. I like this camera because it appears to be easy enough for a beginner like me to use. It also has manual features that I could learn to use later. However, a salesman practically laughed me out of the store, when I asked about this camera. He asked "why would anyone want such an OLD camera?" My only concern is that this camera is not very compact. In fact, it appears to be a bit clunky.

My second choice is the
Canon Powershot SD500. I really liked the design of this camera, with its steel body -- it looks very solid. I played with it at the store and it seemed ok, except when I tried the zoom -- very blurry. I have read several reviews that agree that this camera is good, but lacks manual controls.

Finally, I have looked at the
Casio Exilim EX-Z750. Unfortunately, the camera at the store did not have the battery in it, so I couldn't really try it out. My first impression of this camera was that it appeared to be fragile -- so not sure about this choice right now.

Well, now its your turn. What do you think about these choices, or do you have a better suggestion for me? After reading many reviews, and camera specs, I have to wonder if I am looking at cameras that are way over my head. While "the geek" in me is attracted to all of the technical bells & whistles available, I am not sure how practical it is for me to look too closely at those things. However the engineer in me expects to buy a camera that will hold up to a little wear-and-tear, and still have decent performance.

I look forward to reading your response. Thanks for reading.

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Wendy --* Check out Steve's review of the Kodak DX-7440.* Lots of scene modes plus manual methods.* You can get in online forn $189 + s/h.
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Samboh's suggestion of the Kodak DX-7440 is a very good one.The camera is also available as the DX-7630 in 6mp for just $209 (US).

The camera will give you very good service for your proposed usage. It is tough, sturdy, and has good photo quality. Take a look, perhaps it will work quite nicely and save a few dollars at the same time.

The choice is yours. If you want to stay with the three cameras described in your post, as the only candidates, the the Canon SD-500 (at $500 (US), yikes!) is the better choice in my opinion.

Sarah Joyce
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