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Below is the link to the post where I posed the question of which camera to choose. This forum was very helpful. http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...light=konceptz

Thanks for the responses in a previous post of mine. I was trying to choose between several DSLR's. I thought I'd share how I reached my final decision without any regrets.

With a set budget and a list of several cameras such as:

Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Olympus E1
Canon 20D
Canon 350D (XT)
Pentax *ist DS
Nikon D70 (s)

I began extensive research aremed with my price limits, my requirements, realizing I invested 6 weeks of research and comparison shopping. I utilized photography magazines and websites, visiting camera stores as well as reading the well written reviews that are available for me to make an educated choice to make me a happy and satisfied consumer. Due to my budget, I was able to easily delete these fine cameras from my list.

Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Olympus E1
Canon 20D

My final three cameras remaining were as follows:
Nikon 70D
Canon 350D (XT)
Pentax *ist DS

My saga (headache) began. Finally I was able to place the Nikon 70D on waivers due to the Nikon not offering ISO 100.
Note: I know, I know! The Pentax is the same. This is where TOO MUCH research comes into play. Certain things can be overlooked. I learned this later down the line.

In my research, the Canon and Pentax was going head to head. Online forums and reviews were telling me that both cameras were a fine piece of equipment. Either choice would be a fine choice. What could separate these two DSLR cams so I could finally make a decision and start taking pics?

The camera store reps were very helpful yet something was missing. Maybe they did not want to show a personal preference or seem pushy. I couldn't get any more than a "either choice is a good choice." DAMN!

Then something happened. The Nikon D70 reappeared as a front runner once again. My co-worker happened to see one of the photo magazines with the Nikon D70 on the cover along with other cams for comparison. He nearly tackled me in the hallway while asking me, "Is this your magazine?! Is this yours?!" I was afraid to answer at first, but informed him that indeed it was my mag. He jabs at the front cover with his index finger and practically wets himself while exclaiming, "I Have this camera! The Nikon! The Nikon! I have this!" I was then treated to "anothter", yet unannounced review of the Nikon D70. My coworker was in love with the camera. I went home and conducted another 60 mins of research and came to the conclusion that the Nikon was still not the camera for me, but I realized something. I was almost sold due to my co-workers actions. He was excited, his eyes were glassy, his actions were animated during his Nikon presentation.

Then it dawned on me. Let me make it widely known that I am in the market for a DSLR as well as my two choices. I actually ran into some individuals who were familiar or owners of both models (Penax/Canon). The Pentax reps were very helpful, very descriptive, and eventually told me I was making a good choice with Pentax.

The Canon users? They became excited, animated, and obsessive. They had the missing element I was searching for. It was PASSION! Everyday I was offered more information, assistance, and bombarded with the question, "Did you get your XT yet?" As if there was no question I was going to choose Canon. That's exactly what I ended up doing due to the passion of the Canon users. I wanted to experience that passion.

Here are some of the factors that helped me make my final decsion.

The passion of the users and people familiar with Canon.
Lens availability.
The ability to use ISO 100. I overlooked this factor with the Pentax.
The overall value of the camera compared to the price.

As I eagerly awaited the arrival of my Canon 350D (XT) by meeting UPS with a mighty "HI! Great Day, huh? Boy! Am I glad to see you guys!" I now possess the passion.

As I was browsing through the local electronics store looking for a nice camera bag, I noticed a gentleman looking at the DSLR's with a confused look. I knew that look. I was him once. I walked over to him and asked, "In the market for a DSLR?" He informed me he was. It was to be his first. I placed the Canon 350D (XT) in his hand. I became animated, my eyes became glassy, and I started to sweat..........I wonder if I'm eligible for commission.

Thanks for the help!!

I just hope this story helps anyone in the market for their first DSLR or for any reason, to make a choice that is best for them. I had to find the passion.

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