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Here's my reasonings:?

1. Olympus C-8080

Great overall reviews. Good for beginners (myself) to learn on. Great heavy duty body.

Ican't really think of any meaningful cons, except not enough buttons to play with no manual zoom and only 5x zoom, although the zoom isn't all important.

2. Pansonic FZ20

I like this camera, it just has a something, although if i decided on this brandI thinkI would wait until the FZ 30 came out.

3. Sigh Konica Minolta A2

Again my personal fravorite, but this camera scares me, I know nothing about manually using a camera, andI heard about soft pictures, although a little sharpening in adobe would fix it wouldn't it?

I will not be able to buy another camera for a couple of years (not enough money floating around) so this purchase is very important that I get right. I know that I in the end have to decide, but it is a painful decision,I like all three, i liked alot of cameras I came across.

I do not want an SLR right now, my sister has the new canon and frankly i get alot more shots while she's switching lenses around, true her shots are "considered better because she has an SLR" but I have gotten some darn good ones any way.

need a help (Again)

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I know the A2 has a better viewfinder - But I chose, and would choose again the A-200 - image quality is very natural - menus are quick and easy, very flexable and adaptable, manual zoom is great. Oh yes! ~ easy for beginners to use or you can really get into all the nitty gritty big time if you want to - so, great to learn on. My daughter is 10 and prefers it to my Point & Shoot Olympus C-740, my Son (13) also prefers it as they both say it is easier to use and they prefer the flip out screen - oh, I nearly forgot - they also prefer the picture quality.
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I have owned numerous digicams, and still have 4 in active use; the C8080 is absolutely a great camera.It isthe cameraI now use most of the time, and it is destined to become a classic.The wide angle lens isoutstanding, and the photosare great.

But it has a steep learning curve, and isdefinitelyNOT for beginners. Since you are a beginner, I think you would be better off with the Panasonic FZ20.

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Thankyou, The more i think about the more i am going to get the panasonic, although i wish i wasn't a beginner, we all start somewere though.

it is a dream of mine to eventually make a living with photography, I love to photograph homes, interior, exterior and surounding landscapes.

thankyou for your sugestions

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