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I have been doing some serious researching, but still can't make up my mind. I want a camera that will: have a big zoom, take great pictures that I can crop, good for sports shots, have image stabilization, use an external flash, good indoor pictures too (for school functions). Now I realize the indoor requirement will be the hardest to find with the other options. I'm wondering if the indoor pictures will be any better with an external flash (or what difference that will make), or if I should settle for the best of the other wishes and break down and use a 35MM film for indoor, or splurge some more and also get a film SLR (cheaper than DSLR) for indoor shooting. I am not a professional or even semi-pro by any means, I just like taking pictures of my kids and scrapbooking, but I am very picky about image quality. I had considered a DSLR, but since I want a big zoom, figure it would be out of my price range with the extra lenses, plus, don't know if I would want to be switching lenses all the time, etc. Have a birthday this week and this was supposed to be my present, but not looking like I'll make up my mind/get one ordered in time! I have played with the 8800 in a store, but cant get my hands on the Panasonic! Thanks for any suggestions.

Also, wondering about what memory card to use, read that I should use a high speed card, but how do you know what you're buying?

Also forgot to add, I want a camerathat is fast, I don'tlike waitingfor my camera to power upor take a long time in between pictures. I had read that the 8800 is slower writing to the memory card. How much wouldthis bother me?

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Gee, you don't want too much (LOL)...

Actually, if you can stand not having one for your birthday, the new Fuji S5200 might come close to meeting your needs. It's probably the first megazoom that offers ISO 1600 capability, which means you can take many of your indoor pics without flash. It doesn't have IS, but with the higher ISO capability, you can keep the shutter speeds fast enough to avoid blur. Also, IS can't prevent blur from subject movement, so indoor sports can suffer without the higherISO.

No confusion as to what speed memory card to buy...xD is your only choice with the Fuji.

As far as speed, the S5200 powers up in only 1.1 seconds, and has a shutter lag of 0.01 seconds, which is a lot faster than the 8800. Take a look...


P.S. The price of the S5200 will probably be about half that of the 8800.

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rinnie is right. SD card for the FZ20 as well. I have an FZ-20. Great little camera. Tried Circuit City? The Fuji sounds good but has yet to prove itself, while the FZ20, if you follow that forum, is well a known and understood quantity. Still, I'd spring for the FZ30 over the 20. spend some time in each forum.
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