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I'm new here in this forum and i read a lot of postings. I need your advice on choosing a new camea.

I'm looking for a digicam like the Panasonic FZ 30/20/5 and Cybershot H1. I own a Cybershot DSC-P5 yet but I like to have a bigger and faster one. I had the opportunity to test the DSC-V3 which is a very nice camera, but it has unfortunately only 4x zoom and no stabilizer.

What I use it for, what i like to have:
-Family, Nature, Sunset, Nightscenes, In-/Outdoor, portrait
-at least a 10x zoom and a good image stabilizer (a read, that the stabilizer
in the H1 is not as good as the one in the Panasonics)
-at least 5 MPixel
-fast AF and shooting times (like the DSC-V3)
-as less as possible image noise
-good display
-good video capabilities (at least 640*480 if possible)
-superb image quality in, if possible, all situations

Which camera fits best for my needs or do you know better cams? Or should I wait for the Panasonic FZ 30 which will be released in September?

Thank you very very much in advance.



PS.: Sorry for my english, I'm Swiss German
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If you wait for September, you could have a look at the Fujifilm FinePix S9000 (S9500) Zoom.

Similar specs than the Panasonic FZ30 but with wider angle (28-300 for the Fuji, 35-420 for the Panasonic)

See dedicated thread on this forum for Fuji S9000: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=16

See dedicated thread on this forum for Panasonic FZ30: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23

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Take a look at the new Kodak P850. 12X zoom with a Schnieder lens and a host of features.


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Old Aug 21, 2005, 11:56 AM   #4
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Yep.............I'm holding out for the KODAK P850
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Old Aug 23, 2005, 10:39 PM   #5
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I would say the P880 is a better deal.

For $100 more dollars you go from a 5 meg to an 8 meg sensor.

That's a huge jump in picture quality for relatively few extra $'s.

-- Terry

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Kodak has announced a new class of 'advanced digital cameras' today with the introduction of the P series, which it hopes, will provide an alternative to the DSLRs. The flagship of the range is the 24 mm wide angle lens EasyShare P880, which offers 8 megapixels, manual zoom ring and full manual control. The second camera in the range is the EasyShare P850, which has an image stabilized 12x zoom Schneider-Kreuznach lens, 36-432mm (35mm equiv). Both cameras can record RAW files and include a hot shoe. The EasyShare P880 wil be available beginning this September priced $599, while the EasyShare P850 is available at the beginning of this month, priced $499.


Nice, but it makes you wonder if you have to buy a pack with the TWO cameras!

The Fuji S9000 Zoom covers in ONE camera the crucial 28-300 range, with better ISO sensitivity (less noise?), manual zoom ring, manual control, video, tilting screen.

Only thing Fuji S9000 Zoom does NOT have is image stabilization. But it has anti-blur and better ISO sensitivity that many (ALL?) similar cameras?


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SInce stabilizer is one of your concerns, nothing beats the Lumix FZ series. FZ30 has got some issues on noise which has been one of the biggest drawbacks in the wait of its launch. I'd say the FZ5 would be a great cam to have for the price. If an external flash is inevitable, and would like some manual controls to it, then go for the FZ20.

New releases always comes with a higher price tag!. my policy would always be to go for what is "slighty past tech" which works for the future :-).
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You probably should get the H1 since you already own memory sticks and it is just as good as the Panasonic or Canon S2 IS - they are ALL great ! If you want to try something New, I'd recommend the FZ20 or even FZ5 - same photo quality but much smaller (no hot shoe)....
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