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I'd try to getyour friend to hire a pro if at all possible (despite your want for a new camera). ;-) I don't know what your skill level is, but there is much to learn if you want to do justice to a wedding (and you don't want to make mistakes).

You also don't have the Depth of Field control with a non-DSLR type camera that you do with a DSLR or 35mm. Sometimes that can be a good thing, though (more Depth of Field with the non-DSLR models).

You don't want to learn how to use a camera, learn how it behaves in difficult lighting, compose the images, how to get the shots needed, learn how to interact with people to get the shots, etc., shooting at a wedding for your wife's best friend.

Ditto for trying to shoot existing light photos without a flash. You need to have a feel for what impact camera shake and subject movement is having on images, while keeping an eye on shutter speeds, how much light is falling on subjects faces, composition, distractions in the background,etc.

If you insist on doing it with this type of camera, you'd probably be better off leaving it in full Auto mode (and use the flash), and letting it boost ISO speed as it sees fit.Chances are it's not going any higher than ISO800 in Auto ISO mode, even in low light if it's max is ISO 1600. You'll have to dig into the manual and specs to see how it's different modesbehave.

Noise is usually pretty bad at a camera's higher ISO speed settings (or you get softer images from in camera processing). So, keeping it set lower is usually advisable. I don't know where it would put it using flash. You'll need to wait and see how it behaves when it starts shipping. I'd probably use the flash for the outdoor daylight photos, too.

The flash is probably better than shadows and dynamic range limitations if the lighting is harsh. You don't want to get underexposed subjects because ofbacklight, etc., if you're not careful. It's better to use flash and get the shots, than not get them at allbecause of other problems (shutter speeds too slow indoors resulting in motion blur, harsh lighting outdoors, etc.).

Also, don't expect the flashrecycle times tobetoo good on a small camera like this (especially at further ranges). That's why a model with an external flash is a good idea (usingdiffusers to soften the light, raised above the camera higher to help withbackground shadows andredeye problems).

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