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I've been trying to get my head around the starter options for a DSLR for about three months now. Should I pass my exams, I'm in line to get a combined Christmas and birthday present(for the past two years), and it will be a DSLR. I am ok with using an SLR, I've been practising with my Dads Eos300 for the past four months, but I am of the digital age, and I can't afford the on-going development costs, and development waits.

I am really stuck between choosing a D70s and a 350D. I am tending toward the 350D, my head says the added MPs is worth it, plus the newer technology, but my heart says get the D70s purely on how it feels, and the future options based on flash sync and shutter speed.

What compounds this even more is the beginning lens choice. With a Canon I can use the Ef28-80 4-5.6 that came with the Eos300, and maybe save some money for getting slightly better lenses, although I don't think this is a very important factor. But as is the way, there is so many things I want, but I can't put my parents out to much. Especially considering they haven't thrown me out of the house while I am at Uni.

So please help me decide on Canon or Nikon, with the lens choice based on;
  • I imagine I would be taking concert shots, local gigs with about 200 people at them.So a low light lens is a neccesity.
  • Also I would be using it for sports shooting, day and night, rugby, soccer, golf, sailing and whatever else I dip into. So a long lens, with low light capability.
  • I also like taking candids, the instant when someones face turns. So a lens to suit this considering thse shots could be taken under any condition.
  • Along with the standard landscape and macro shots that I will be doing to develop my skill, and which I may get into once I start with a digital camera.[/*]
  • Finally, because I live in Ireland, there is a strong possibility the camera will get wet, so any simple covers would be a great bonus
Congratulations on getting this far. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, I know this forum is packed with knowledgeable photographers, who really know the ins and outs of the DSLR market far better than I will be able to at the moment.
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