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I am about one week away from purchasing my first dSLR. I have studied the different camera bodies extensively and I know the pros & cons of each brand fairly accurately I think. The camera body I realize is the small half in deciding which camera to buy. The most important part is the avalability of lenses which represent the long term investment since camera bodies will continue to evolve and be replaced. My first SLR camera outfit was a Canon AE1 Program combined with a 50mm 1.4 SSC lense and a speedlight. I added a 28mm f2.8 later but this is as far as I got. I no longer own the camera gear but simply included this information for background on my experience level. The majority of my time I left the camera on apeture priority and blurred the foreground or background as wanted quickly focused and had great success. I have no paticular brand preference since I do not own any equipment or lenses. However I do place a fair amount of emphasis on the appearence of build quality. Therefore I like the Pentax *ist DS and some of its features. However, the lack of affordable Pentax lenses is a serious draw back. I was hoping to be able save money buying used lenses but in Vancouver, BC the selection of used or new isn't great. Futhermore what is available is rather pricey. I also really like the NIkon D50 but the omission of a DOF Preview seems like a serious flaw. How can people not want to see how the foreground or background will look like before take a picture. This is the point of TTL on an SLR isn't it to be able to compose not guess what a photo will look like. This may seem stupid considering the investment I am making but I have never used an Auto focus SLR. When it came to DOF on my old AE1 there was no guessing involved seeing was believing. The Canon XT sure does have superior electronics & potential but I simply find the camera feels to cheap. The silver model in paticular might as well say Bell & Howell on it like the cameras they used to give away with Time magazine subscriptions. I am really sorry if this offends anyone just blow it off as a lame ass opinion as you see fit. The Canon 20D on the other hand really is a winner but out of my price league. The Olympus e-volt with two lenses does have some appeal simply for price but not enough to win me over. The most similar I can find is Kerrisdale camera which sells the D50 kit with the addition of a Tamron 28 - 200 XR for $1299.99 CDN. Used Nikon lenses are cheaper and more plentiful but the lack of DOF preview really bothers me. I do not want to use the LCD in hindsight. The *ist Ds great deal but the lense selection is seems few and pricey. The entry level dSLR market is so competitive that is almost impossible to decide.:?

P.S. Thank You for reading such a long post.
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Well, I had similar problems like you do. But when I was looking for purchase, I could choose only between E300, XT and Nikon D70. I chose Olympus, but in your situation I would choose Pentax. XT has cheap feal, that I just could not buy it, Nikon lacks DOF button, so my guess is Pentax. It has (i believe)better viewfinder than C or N, and you can still buy Sigma lenses for it, if original lenses are to expensive.
Best regards!
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Cost is an issue for me,(honestly one of the reasons I purchased the *ist ds over the xt) and I was still able to get several lenses that fufill most of my needs rather cheaply. My 50mm 1.7 m was 30.00 and my 28a 2.8 tokina was 28.0 (odd coincidence). I picked up a fa 80-200 for 100.00. Along with the kit lense I have almost everything covered except for ultra wide for about 150.00. If you are ok with manual focus than you should be fine. The ds is a great camera, and while it has a couple issues, it should shoot you very well. Enjoy.
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I agree-

The Pentax 1stDS and its brethern, give you the biggest bang for the buck. Personally, I prefer the Pentax 1stDS because it has a real pentaprism viewfinder which is much brighter and sharper.

Sarah Joyce
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