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metalkakkarot Dec 23, 2005 3:15 PM


I currently have a Samsung Digimax V50.....Recently i decided to run a clothing bussiness..however i have found that the pictures taken with the V50 do not show enough details that a 'customer of my site' would require to be able to choose whether they want the product..

i have been taking photos in maxiumum quality....The products im selling are veils...long i have to take the shot from far to get the whole i think the pixels are spread out more so the details dont show..anyway veils that are colourful show up okay ....still very dull though but that can be fixed on photoshop...

other veils im selling are completely black...with black embroidery on is on these clothes that the pictures arnt atall good....the black embroidery doesnt show up at all...even if i go close up ..still the black embroidery doesnt show well...i have tried all the camera's different settings and have still not been able to get a good result....

so im now thinking of buying a new camera......i dont know much about cameras though to be able to decide what feature i need to be able to take good clothing im looking to you people for some help.

my budget is around 200-300 pounds..dont mind spending a little more if the camera will definately do the job..


anyway an overview

im looking for a camera that can take good quality photos for black clothes with black print on it...and being able to showevery little detail...i want to be able to take pictures that will look excellent on a website...

oh and also some clothes have that sparkly things on i want that to show aswell


airshowfan Dec 25, 2005 10:23 PM

It's hard to take good pictures that capture the detail and texture of black stuff. I'd say getting good lighting is probably more important than getting a good camera. Shine one or more bright lights at the clothes from a few different angles. Try lights that come from point sources,or trylights that are fuzzier and more spread out. Try taking the pictures outside in bright sunlight (that might add nice backgrounds too) and try doing it with, then without, the flash. Something's bound to work. Good luck with your business! :cool:

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