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christiandransfield Jan 12, 2006 5:47 PM

I recently had my Canon a60 digital camera stolen, which made me think about upgrading. With digital camers I have found that when looking at sample pictures taken by various cameras, I keep noticing that objects in the background of pictures seem to e very fussy and look like they've had a watercolour effect put on them. It's the only wany I can decribe it, so sorry if you don't know what i'm talking about!
I just wondered if someone could tell me which camera under £200 will give me the best quality picture. I don't care if it's ugly or if it takes ages to take the picture, all I care about is the picture quality this time.
I hope one of you can help.

mtclimber Jan 12, 2006 6:34 PM


You might want to take a look at the Canon A-610 and A-620. They have received excellent professional reviews.


christiandransfield Jan 12, 2006 7:01 PM

Thanks for the info mate. I'll look into that.

tennisforums Jan 13, 2006 8:20 AM

Maybe the watercolor effect comes from the photo using central auto-focusing?

tennisforums Jan 13, 2006 8:24 AM

Central focus ^

Entire image in focus ^

christiandransfield Jan 13, 2006 8:29 AM

Hi mate.

Thanks for the reply. It's not that. It happens mainly with objects with many little bits to them i.e. trees in the background with lots of leaves. It's basiclly not picking up all the individual information of each leaf and blends them together. I think this is what's happening anyway.


mtclimber Jan 13, 2006 10:01 PM

That is simply a matter of needing INCREASED resolution. That is why I suggested the Canon A-610 and A-620.


christiandransfield Jan 14, 2006 6:03 AM

Wicked mate. Cheers for the info. One more question though. Would you recommend maybe trying to get a higher spec second hand camera instead of a new one. If so, what camera would you recommend for around the same money?


mtclimber Jan 14, 2006 6:57 AM


Certainly, the new Canon (A-510/A-520) and the Kodak (Z730 and V-530) usually can be purchased new here in the USA for less than $200 (US). I would think that they could also be purchased for 200 sterling as well.


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