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polar905 Jan 26, 2006 10:03 PM

Ok, I am pretty sure the FZ30 is the camera for me. I have read alot of reviews (yes I know about the noise issue, if I wanted to shoot at higher ISO speeds I would go dSLR), and my main subject for photos will be landscapes, with a mix of wildlife and architecture too (my people photos tend not to turn out sadly).

I have seen some posts about the Canon, and I got to play a bit with one, it seemed nice, and I am upgrading from my older Powershot S30. It is still a good camera but it is time to move up to a "super-zoom".

Any pros or cons for either for the type of subjects I wish to shoot? The one con I know for me currently is the cost of the FZ30 up here in Canada :cry:

Hards80 Jan 26, 2006 10:18 PM

the problem i see with this camera and landscapes and architecture is the lens does not go very wide.. if these are your main interests, you may want to find a camera that goes down to 24-28mm on the wide end...

so i suggest looking at..

"fuji 9000-
28-300 lens, so wide enough on the wide end for you and still gives you a good long focal length on the long as well..

sony r1
24-120.. bigger sensor so more dynamic range and less noise.. very nice 24mm wide angle and a respectable 120 on the long (may not be long enough for wildlife though)..

panasonic lx-1
28-112mm image stabilized16:9 wide aspect ratio.. this semi-pano format is really nice for landscapes and architecture.. similar image results as the fz-30.. i may be a bit biased as i have one of these and am quite impressed with the little camera..

DSLR w/ a couple lenses
i know you say you do not need one, but the ability to pick up a nikon d50 or km 5d for 650$ is tempting.. always add more lenses in the future.. just an option.. the dynamic range you get from a dslr really does help out with your landscape images... i can definately tell which landscapes i have shot with my 20d and which ones i shot with my digicams, even in good lighting..


Wibblemore Jan 27, 2006 3:09 AM


re. the LX1 - How does that wide format picture print out? I tried it in Jessops and they didn't have a format on their print machines that could handle it. Love the idea as I was very fond of the APS pano shots, but I would want to print them...

E.T Jan 27, 2006 4:34 AM

Landscape should be there quite similar so I would keep proper wide angle important.

And again zoom doesn't mean anything solid, it's just ratio of shortest and longest focal length which are the ones which decide to what camera fits best.
Doubling focal length means doubling magnification, so jump from 100mm to 200mm doubles magnification and for doubling from 200mm you need to go to 400mm. As what this doubling of magnification means: that double focal length lens zooms in to area whose sides are half from frame of that shorter focal length lens.
Same continues in other direction, field of view doubles in height and width everytime when focal length is halved, so while even 50mm difference in tele end can be quite small just ~10mm is big difference when you're trying to fit everything into frame in wide angle.

So that little Pana is very short in tele, actually practically same as your Canon S30.
Same goes for R1 which has exceptional wide angle but very short tele... and actually its weight is similar to DSLR+lens so if you intended to get something conveniently light.

So I would suggest looking toward Fuji S9000 or little shorter tele (28-200mm) KonicaMinolta A200.

Hards80, turn down contrast setting, that Pana among all other Point&Shoots uses "P&S standard"/Disneyland settings which cranks contrast out of scale.

audioedge Jan 27, 2006 5:10 AM

Id consider the Kodak P880 also (24-120mm equiv) for nice wide angle shots.

One thing to consider with the Konica Minoltas at the minute is there recent announcement of going out of the camera business (assets being sold to Sony). This may effect any long term guarantee with your camera, so what would happen if it broke 6 months down the line is anybodys guess at the minute.


Hards80 Jan 27, 2006 9:56 AM

Wibblemore wrote:


re. the LX1 - How does that wide format picture print out? I tried it in Jessops and they didn't have a format on their print machines that could handle it. Love the idea as I was very fond of the APS pano shots, but I would want to print them...
the pano format makes standard printing aspect ratios not really compatible.. you need to use a lab that you can tell them not to change the aspect ratio, which will of course leave you some white/blank areas on top and bottom.. or print yourself and again you will have some white/blank areas on top and bottom.. it is not a real big issue because if you have a nice trimmer, you can take off the blank areas and are left with a nice wide-aspect print.. framing these becomes a trick, you will need to have someone custom make your frame and cut your matte..

if you want to shoot standard shots, simply flick the switch to 3:2 aspect ratio! so it gives you the flexibility you need.. :)

audioedge Jan 27, 2006 11:21 AM

dustin, sounds like your having LX1 fun, lets see some pics :)

Hards80 Jan 27, 2006 2:01 PM

1 Attachment(s)
here is one.. not too bad for 1/6 shutter speed at ISO 200..

here the pano format really helped out the composition..

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