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Ok... after reading from you guys and doing some more reviews I am seriously now considering the Panasonic FZ30...

Suggestions for accessories I should add ???? ( besides a bigger memory card )

Speaking of memory cards --- do they differ in quality??

I have seen some lenses for this camera but I know nothing at all about additional lenses for digital cameras... Suggestions??

Thanks........... Cree
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Hi! I 've bought my FZ-30 for less than a month. The following are the accessories I bought for this lovely camera.

- 80x Transend 1 GB SD card (from newegg.com)

- 2nd battery (from store, but you can get it online from http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...goryNavigation or http://www.bestbatt.com/Panasonic_CG...bbs006-01.htmp or http://www.eastcoastphoto.com/nav/it...atid=&hid= I think I will get a 3rd battery later.)

- Tarmac Velocity 7 Camera backpack (from newegg.com)

- 45 in 1 USB 2.0 card-read (from newegg.com)

- a new 60" tripod with bubble level and quick release plate (from Fry's Electronic)

- UV filter, Circular Polarizer, FL filter (from ebay.com) the UV filer is a must for the protection of you lens.

I am still hunting online for the 2 following items:
- Slave flash, probably a Sunpak flash.
- Wide Angle lens (looking at a few vendors from Ebay)

Hope this helps.
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I just find out that cheapbatts.com selling the panasonic DMC-FZ30 batteries too. They usually sell it cheaper than everybody. I have good experience with them.


Hope this help
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Accessories for the camera that are immediate must-haves - at least one or more memory card, and some type of camera bag.

Highly recommended butnot strictly necessary- extra battery, a good UV filter (I don't like the cheap ones - had problems with flare and ghosting with one), and a card reader if your computer doesn't have one built in.

Other accessories depend on what you are going to use the camera for - I still don't have a decent tripod (I do use a monopod often) but some types of photography pretty much requires it.Polarizer - great for landscapes but not useful for indoor parties or concerts. Flash photography isn't my thing at all so it would be way down on my list of priorities, but for others it will be very important.

Just my opinion, but I'd wait a while before buying any of the add-on lenses (wide angle, tele), unless there's a specific application you know you want to do that the lens can't handle without the attachment. The lens on the FZ30 can do quite a bit all by itself - you might find that you don't really need anything more.
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