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mpeg-nut Jun 5, 2006 4:41 PM

I am so confused here because I have looked high and low to try and figure out what the best mpeg 4 video camera is. I just want to take high quality video and sound and send them to friends and family. The files can't be any larger than about 10-15 meg. That would be for like a 6 minute video. For a 2-3 minute video it needs to be about 6 to 10 megs. Crazy thing is that at the lowest setting qvga 320 x 240 onmy aiptek mpvr the quality was lacking and a 4 minute video was2o megs. I had to import it into shobiz software and export it as a windows media file and it crunched it to only 6.5 megs, very acceptable, and thequality was only slightly less than theoriginal.Why can't I get better quality at a better compression like the software has? Is It the camera? Is there a better mpeg 4 video camera And PLEASE could someone here please talk a it about what all camera are out there worth buying a tell me which one is BEST! If i can get a better wuality on another brand of mpeg4 video cam, i'm gonna return this one for it. Someone please let me know what i should do.

Best case scenario i'd love to have 640 x 480 high quality video no bigger than the 10-15 megs and get 2-6, or 10 minute recordings if super crunchedand send those out but they're just too big to send, heck even the smaller size video was too big.

I know this is alot of info so if someone could please amswer them to the best of their ability that'd be great!! Thanks.

And by the way it's so cool to be in a place where everyone is as nerdy as i am about this stuff. I bought a fuji 330a digital camera about 2 years ago or whatever and the movi mode on that made me fall in love with mpeg 4. Problem is that it doesn't have sound. but is has been great for taking pics of our little girl adn sending them to family. Gal, I'm tempted to return this mpvr and spend about 150 bucks to buy a decent digital camera with a movie mode with sound. Like i said, with great quality and compression, If it's good enough you can get by with 320 x 240. I'm thinking 10 FPS might be the way to go with a great quality instead of 30 FPS at a crappy picture quality. and to have the audio compressed to 96k mp3 would be fine. HELP HELP HELP

Thanks mpeg-nut

superakuma Jun 8, 2006 5:53 AM

The casio s500/s600 have mpeg4 capablity. A friend of mine has that camera and the video mode on it looks pretty good. Casio and Kodak are the only camera manufacture that I know use mpeg4 on some of their camera.

The new Pentax A10 has divx capablity. Divx files are smaller then mpeg4 and has similiar or better video quality.

sail978 Jun 8, 2006 8:05 AM

If you have a child, invest in a dv camcorder.

E.T Jun 8, 2006 9:25 AM

mpeg-nut wrote:

Best case scenario i'd love to have 640 x 480 high quality video no bigger than the 10-15 megs and get 2-6, or 10 minute recordings if super crunchedÂ*and send those out but they're just too big to send, heck even the smaller size video was too big.
Standard Motion JPEG videos take about 1GB per every 8 minutes at that resolution.

As for MPEG4 Casio Z750 fits 8 minutes to 256MB card... propably because more efficient/2-pass compression would be harder to make in real time with limited resources.


and to have the audio compressed to 96k mp3 would be fine.
128kbps MP3 takes about 1MB per minute.
For audio produced by digicam's 64kbps might be enough because there's only one channel and quality of source material isn't great.

superakuma wrote:

The new Pentax A10 has divx capablity. Divx files are smaller then mpeg4 and has similiar or better video quality.
DivX and MPEG4 are nearly same thing.
MPEG4 is compression standard and DivX is codec. Different codecs, while producing same output format, can make much different output file size because algorithms vary, DivX and Xvid are some of the most efficient codecs.
They can fit hour of nearly DVD quality video (not counting audio) into ~600MB. That's still ~10MB per minute so best bet might be using some of those file sharing sites on net where you upload file and then receive address which you can send in email to friend who can then download file.

Like those in this thread:

If you think those are much uncomprossed 640x480 30fps video would take ~27.5MB per second! (just bare image information without control data)

mpeg-nut Jun 8, 2006 1:21 PM

Thanks, I think i just might get into a dv camera and then learn how to import the video and compress it down. I've looked all over on the net and funny enough no one really knows much about these cameras...or they don't talk about them should i least the compression part. I did find a program called squeeze.... dunno. But perhaps once i get the video to my puter through a video capture card or something....I can squeze it down to a sendable file. I can't beleive i'm the only one who wants to send video in their e mails to friends and family with broad band. I wonder how the people at myspace do it with high wuality video...course thats streaming....Thanks for your help

p.s. It just would have been nice to get decent quality files you could drag and drop already compressed to rockin small sizes and anyone could watch on window media player. Even now i have to recompress my mpeg 4 files with shobiz and send them out "windows media file" and besides the fact they are about a 4th of the size, the quality is about the same. Crazy! why can't they just do that in the first place? If it's a matter of being able to do it on the fly, it can do mpeg...with technology, they shoud be able to do WMF too.

Thanks again


sail978 Jun 8, 2006 3:16 PM

Just about everyone I know who sends video over the web (myself included) use a dv camcorder. The video is captured via firewire into a computer. You can use a program as simple as Window's Movie Maker to edit and output to WMP for emails and websites.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"To be frank, the 'movie' abilities in cameras are basically gimmicks. The same goes for camcorders with still image capabilities. If you do invest in a camcorder, I would not recommend a harddrive or DVD one. These are recorded in mpeg formats thatare only intended to be a delivery format, not one meant for editing.

superakuma Jun 8, 2006 3:26 PM

I wouldnt say it is a gimmick when they put video ablity in a camera. The quality on some of the videos are pretty good. I know it is not really close to any dv camcorder and you shouldnt buy a camera to use it mainly for recording video. But if its in there why not use it? Like if you are at someone's birthday's party and you want to capture a quick video clip of everyone singing happy birthday or something.

I would say that a camera can do a better job at recoding video then a single lense camcorder at taking snap shot video.

sail978 Jun 8, 2006 4:14 PM

Sorry, I've got to disagree. I guess it's all relative. If you have a decent camcorder and compare it with a camera using motion jpeg or mpeg4, it's a huge difference in quality. I can take a 4 megapixel image with my camcorder - but I don't.

I advised Mpegnut to get a camcorder because he or she has a child. If the only video of that child is going to be with a camera, I think he or she is really going to regret it down the road.

Mpegnut - Getting 640x480 high quality video that is compressed to 10-15 megs on a 10 minute recording is impossible as far as I know. Even 320x240 compressed to about 5megs will only give you 3 minutes of recording time at medium quality - nevermind high quality. Also, remember mpeg2 and 4 are already compressed formats to begin with. They are delivery formats - not ones that were meant to be edited further.

mpeg-nut Jun 8, 2006 6:17 PM

I've been messing around with sho biz software and it has more output compression formats and variables than i know what to do with. I've simply come to rely on importing my mpeg 4 video from my aiptek mpvr and recorded at 640 x 480 ( remember i wanted to just record 320x 240 and hoped that'd be just righ in file sze and quality) Anyway, Im importing at 640 x 480 and then exporting to a windows media file 640x 480 and then put the settings at 768k and that's about right. I know this is a stretch but i was thinking about 3 megs A minute would be best. maybe4. That way i've got a 3 mnute video at 9-12 megs that most people can get. I've got a friend who can't recieve anything over 15 megs, and they have broad band. Crazy. They're just meant to be small videos of us sent to other people, but almost everyone i talk to says that 320 x 240 is to small. but if the file size was small enough and the quality high enough, they could use windows player to stretch 200% and get 640 x 480.

Sooooooooo really high wuality 320 by 240...stretched...or good to high wuality video at 640 by 480. I'm a mazed that this program is able to take these files and further squeeze them down and not ruin the quality much. Is there anyone here who knows of the best mpeg 4 camera? I have the aiptek mpvr. Perhaps i should have taken your guys advice and by a dv camrea and just compress from there. That's what i'm doin now. Thanks all, but keep the info ...opinions commin


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