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Miklos Jul 31, 2006 11:18 AM

Hello all,

I am considering to upgrade from my Coolpix 950 toa Canon S3 IS or an Olympus E-330.

If only comparing pure picture quality ( I know, the features are very different), will the pictures of the S3 and the E-330 be close to each other in regards of: sharpness, dynamic range, accuracy, noise leveletc.? ( I do not need the higher resolution of the E-330).

And: can I expect better picture quality in both cameras vs. the Coolpix ( again, resolution does not matter - I do not need more than 2 mpixels...). Is that a fair expectation?

I would appreciate any advice / comments...

Thank you,


mtclimber Jul 31, 2006 12:34 PM


The simple answer to both of your questions is YES.

But how do you explain the differnce in price and features. It might be much more useful to determine what photos you really want to take first, and in detail.


Miklos Jul 31, 2006 1:03 PM

mtclimber, thank you for the answer.

I mainly take landscape/ architecture (inside and outside)/ local people / animals when I travel around the world as a tourist, and I view them on a projector ( I nearly never print them - and if I do, then I get 4x6 prints). I rarely use any post-processing: I just copy the original JPEG's on a CD, and I watch them. So I am interested in picture quality for my specific application.

I do understand, that for larger prints, shots with limited light etc. a dSLR can be much better - however I do not need this. I also realize, that a dSLR can have all kinds of lenses - but I find that a decent zoom (like in the S3) is enough for me.

I am quite happy with the PQ of the Coolpix 950- in general terms. However some of my pictures are not 100% sharp (probably due to camera movement in low light - the IS should help me with that), others are too dark / bright ( the histogram should help me with that).

I need a live LCD ( and it should be a twist LCD ) - as I use that often to take "unusual shots". That is why the only dSLR I am looking at is the E-330.

I also prefer a smaller size, and IS with a nice lense looks good, so that explains my interest in the S3 IS.

Sarah, I hope that gives you a better idea...

So is it still yes to my initial two questions?

(- Is the PQ of S3 and E-330 close and

- are they both taking better pictures than the Coolpix 950?)

Thanks again,


mtclimber Jul 31, 2006 1:56 PM


I think you have essentially answered your own question. An ultra zoom like the Canon S-2, S-3, the Sony H-2, or even the Panasonic TZ-1 will give you what you want. Focus your attention there and you save money and have the camera you desire.


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