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I would like to make a contribution to the discussion of the Epson 7600 printer and it's replacement 7800. This is intended for any current 7000 or 9000 series user and for those considering buying one. I have always purchased epson printers since my first purchase of the first truely photographic epson 800. Ever since their first truely photographic printer, Epson has produced fantastic and naturalistic color quality. I have continually compared image quality and have always "preferred" Epson.

I have owned the Epson 7600 for over a year. The print quality is wonderful and for around $3000., it's a fantastice value. But I do have design/performance issues that I wish the 7600 and 9600 users would be more vocal about.

First if you set the printer control panel to Roll Cutter Off, the printer will waste several inches of your paper to set the paper in print position. I use rolls of canvas which is more expensive than paper rolls and this is a real waste of money. I can see no logical reason for epson to make such strange design setting. So the user has to set the printer control panel to roll auto-cut on in order to prevent the printer from wasting several inches of paper during paper set. But if you use a thicker media, as I do using canvas, you cannot permit the cutting blade to cut the canvas (the manual says it could effect the ink heads since they are attached to the blade), so you have to go into epson printer softward and select auto-cut off. In otherwords, press autocut on in the printer control panel and auto cut off in the software setting in the computer inorder to prevent auto cut and prevent wasting 8 inches of paper. But this is really not the main design problem; it is related to the main problem, though.

The main problem is: if you get a couple inches into your print job and realize you have made a mistake (for example you forgot to sharpen your picture), if you click on cancel print or stop print, the printer will not "just stop" as you would expect. Instead the printer will advance the paper roll to the entire length of the print job (if it's a 24x30, the printer will advance your paper roll by 30 inches) and cut the paper there, even if "no auto cut" is checked in the printer software. Not only has 30 inches of paper been wasted, but you cannot use it in for a sheet fed print later, because of the curl on the paper's edge from being tightly rolled, prevents it from getting through the printer--instead it bunches up at the print heads. This is especially true for canvas rolls. I have wasted probably 30 feet of good canvas as a result of the design quirk.

Tech support does have a work around which I haven't used for a long time so I would have to dig up my notes to share it here. If anyone has encountered this problem, phone tech support; they will help. And yes Epson has, hands down, the best tech support of any company...no competition there. I can find the work around if someone is pulling their hair, but I would definitely phone tech support first. Anyone considering the 7000 series printer should remember this and learn the work around a head of time.

This is my only complaint about the epson 7000 and 9000 series of printers. But when you are paying $160.00 for just 44 feet of 24" canvas, 30 inches of canvas is a huge loss. My wish is that the epson users would scream and yell to epson about this. Surely they could correct this problem with a firmware update. They corrected the ink usage with an update. When I click on cancel print or stop print, I want the printer to stop. I don't want the printer to roll out two feet of unused canvas and cut.

Keep in mind if you are considering an epson product, that all the new wide format printers such as Canon's new printers and the HP's will have several similar problems. You can read reviews of Canon's new wide formats and here unbelievably dumb glitches and buggaboos. So don't single out Epson. Epson print quality is amazing and it's archival. But print quality judgements are subjective.

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