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Hey Steve, liked almost everything about your review of the Epson R 1800 Stylus Photo. The part that is driving me nuts is that I can't run canvas through it like you said in your review. Of course this is nothing new, there are a lot of things I can't seem to do that others have no problem with. Anyway, I try the manual feed in the back, first with the tray, then without the tray, no go either way. I set it to a variety of papers in the settings. Still no go. I was using HP Art Canvas Matt and I think it is about 340 G. The tech guy at Epson said that I could not run canvas through (even Epson)and so far he is right, cause I can't. Please tell me how. Otherwise, I got to pull my HP9800 off auction and use it for canvas. Should I be trying a different brand of canvas such as one of Epson's. Which one did you use. Great site, great info.

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I occasionally feed canvas through my R1800. The trouble I find is that, even with 340gsm canvas, it's not rigid enough for the printer to take it.

The solution that works for me is to get a sheet of 160gsm card, the same size as the canvas, and using double-sided sticky tape, stick it to the back of the canvas. I tend to stick it at all four corners. This gives you a more rigid sheet.

Then manual-feed the canvas/card through the normal paper tray (not the rear feed), giving the sheet a bit of a nudge if the printer doesn't take it first time (which you can do now that the card has made the canvas more rigid).

Once the canvas/card is in the printer, print as you normally would. You might want to use the "thick" paper setting in the printer driver. When the canvas has finished printing, just remove the backing card (the sticky tape should stay on the card and leave the back of the canvas unaffected).

It works for me, but I'd only do it occasionally because the R1800 isn't designed fora canvas/card combo of 500gsm.
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Hey thanks for the info, but my roll of water resistant canvas by Epson arrived this morning and it worked so good that I am not going to mess with the HP stuff. I did however, reintstall my HP 9800 and will use the HP canvas there. If you haven't tried the roll of canvas, you should, plus you can define your sizes as long as you don't exceed the 13 inches, but the other width can be panoramic. Once again thanks.:|
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