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I have been printing canvas on my R1800 now for about 4 months without any serious problems till now. I will be honest and let you know I am not using genuine Epson Inks because of the cost, I am printing with compatible "PRO COLOR" Ink brand. I have printed about 200 or so canvases since using this Ink but recently I have noticed that between every 15-20 prints the Inks starts to just radomnly spit out blots of black Ink across the printed Images which just ruins the print. I have tried cleaning the heads, running various tests, and even allowing for the printer to sit for a few days not printing at all. Nothing seems to be working. Could this be the ink I am using? or something else? Any help regarding this Is GREATLY appreciated. Is there any reliable bulk Ink sysytem that would work well for me? Any suggestions from anyone Is once again much appreciated. I look forward to hearing any responses. Thank you for your time and have a great new year!

Olivia Davis.
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I am new to the R1800, so I can't say specifically, but my experience with other Epson printers leads me to think that non-Epson ink could be the problem. I had similar experience with off-brand ink, which would glob up on the print head and be transferred to prints. For some reason, the wipers either did not clear it when the head moved across, or the ink was thinner and seeped out. Eventually, I had to replace the printer due to head clogging which could not be cleaned. I have had the replacement for two years now, with no problems.

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I can't tell you how many times I have received emails from people stating about the same thing you havesaid here. These printers are built with the inks matched very carefully tothe printheads - this is not only a color thing but a viscosity thing and a mechanical thing. The ink does more than just make color on paper, it must flow properly through microscopic size jets, lubricate the printhead and in some cases even cool the printhead. So YES, it does make a difference to use the genuine ink cartridges.

The actual formula of each company's ink is a closely guarded secret, it's how they make their money. Everybody selling clone ink always says the same thing, their product is 100% compatible, yadda, yadda, yadda... And yet people end up with printer problems - go figure.
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