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Hello all,

First time posting here. I'm in the market for a new printer that will be doing a lot of photos... but recently i've started getting into fractal art and I'd love to be able to print and sell some of these.

Fractal art basically means an infinite level of detail, usually using very vibrant colours. Because of this I need a printer that will give me the best level of detail possible, with inks that will reproduce what I have on screen exactly. (or as close as possible)

I'd also like to be able to use a wide variety of media to capture the mood of individual pieces better.

I'd also like to print out as large as possible, but obviously cost is going to become a factor. I think I'd be happy to outsource everything over A3+ size, but all a3+ and below stuff I'd like to do myself.

Having read a lot of reviews, the canon i9950 and the epson r2400 seem to be the best printers for me. Epson have more papers to chose from, which I really like, and use pigment inks. But the sharpness (from pictures that i've seen) actually seems better from the canon.

Since there is about $700 AUS difference between the two... do you think it is really worth it to get the Espon? I can't make up my mind.

To sum up, I need something that does the following:

*Sharp images
*Accurate colour
*Wide variety of media
*Archival quality if needed

Thanks a ton guys.
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To give an example, here is a low res version of a fractal I made the other day.

Right now, it might be 50/50 photos to fractals, but if I ever get good it could be more like 10/90.

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