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KryFreeman Aug 20, 2005 2:08 PM

Hiya. I'm a grad student looking to get a medium format printer and am scratching my head as to whether I should get an Epson 2400, 2200, Canon i9900, or S9000. The prints all look gorgeous, but I am always working until the last moment and wanting to run out the door with my newly finished projects, so print speed is important to me (yes, I realize that there has to be a certain amount of drying time, but the sooner I print, the sooner it will dry before class).

I'm leaning towards the 2400 because of the straight paper path, water resistance of the prints, and archival inks, but no review mentions "real" print speeds (and you can't trust Epson's specs). I am a bit nervous of the 2400 due to print speeds of the 2200 listed on Page 4 of Steve's excellent review. Everyone says that the 2400 is "faster" than the 2200, but "faster" is a relative term if a 13x19 print on the 2200 takes 27 minutes and the 2400 shaves, say, 5 minutes off (while the Canon i9900 might sail through the same print in 4 minutes).

I realize that the image file itself and the software used will dictate how long something takes to print, and I realize that most folks are more interested in a great image than in how fast they can stick it up on the wall, but I would love to know how any forum members who may own the Canons, Epsons, and others have fared in their own speed comparisons!

I can't wait until Steve reviews the 2400.:D

Thanks in advance!

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