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I have a Canon I9900 I thought I had some bad ink in there or at least maybe a clogged head. I took the Ink out and ran the head under water (heard of people doing that) Replaced the head and put the ink back in. Seemed to work fine but I replaced the ink with Canon Original now. The only thing is the Printer Status that shows how much ink is left didn't reset and some show used , is there a way to Reset this? I tried taking all the ink out again and taking the head out and than putting it all back but the status still shows some tanks half or less than half full but they are brand new.:?
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You might read Steve's reply here: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=56

Note the item about not getting the contacts wet.

Am not sure what you should do now (it sounds like theLED/mirrorlevel sensorsare not seeing what they should). Always use genuine, factory filled,Canon BCI6 ink tanks. Were the tanks you put back in "really" new (fresh out of the box and still sealed)? If not, I would try new ones first. I would continue to usethe i9900if it is printing well and not worry about ink status as a new head is expensive ... which would be your next step unless it is still under warranty (and then I would not admit to trying to fix it myself).

I've been very pleased with my i9900 and have used many tanks of genuine sealed Canon ink with no problems to date. Trying to second-guess the manufacturer and/or refilling them yourself when it comes to inks vs. separate print heads is somewhat akin to playing Russian roulette, IMHO, with the print head. Now, replaceable HP all-in-one cartridges ... you're just out a new cartridge, usually under $30, if the non HP ink ruins it.
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I used Canons from the very beginning of the inkjet technology. I have used others too.
Now since the S series (as far as I understand) their technology went better and their heads should last some sort of ever or for how much the printer works.
Before the Canons used to have problems with their heads and i used the methods Steve describes. But since Canon made thenew series I have never had to do that again.

Because today Canon is cheaper on their genuine (canon) inks and the fastest (much more than any other). The quality of the prints should be the best. Their precision (tiniest drops and best alignement) is certainly the best.

One rule to get these printers working is to print everyday with them, and especially don't let them unused with empty cartridges. Don't EVER (once is enough) use anything other than Canon guenuine ink.

If your head doesn't work anymore. Get a newer one and take into consideration what I said.

Hp has the same maintenance rules as Canon because the technology on their head is quite close. Epson is on the other side much more robust to use unbranded inks since they use some kind of electro-mechanical technology.
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