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I'm looking to buy a new printer for use primarily with scrapbooking. As scrapbook pages are usually 12x12, a regular laser/inkjet printer can't be used for printing on scrapbook paper.

My main use would be for printing text and some photos, but I wouldn't only be printing on special papers as I'd like the option of being able to print onto the 12x12 design papers that are available.

My main requirements are:
  • Able to print on paper that is 12"+ wide. [/*]
  • Able to print text clearly, without risk of smudging or fading. Will probably print text 80% of the time. [/*]
  • Able to print photos clearly, without risk of smudging or fading. Will probably print photos 20% of the time, but not always on photo paper. [/*]
  • As this will be relatively low-volume work, speed isn't the main priority. [/*]
  • Paper and products used for scrapbooking are all archival and acid free, so this is something important to me.
I've been looking into the following three printers:
  1. Epson 1280 ($550 Cdn - $100 rebate) [/*]
  2. HP 9800 ($399 Cdn) [/*]
  3. Canon i9900 ($600 Cdn)[/*]
My biggest issue is with the type of ink that is used as I'm finding the options incredibly confusing to understand and I know this impacts how long the images will last, so that's something I'm trying to get advice on. I'm also curious what people recommend re. printers as some have a combined colour cartridge, and some have different cartridges for each colour (which I assume is more cost effective long-term).

Any advice, information, recommendations, etc. would be very much appreciated as I'm hoping to put this onto my Christmas list if I get to see Santa this year.
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Old Apr 20, 2006, 12:04 AM   #2
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Dear Lyssa,

Did you ever get any response/s to your query regarding a printer to use for scrapbooking? I am interested in buying one also. Did Santa bring you one? If you have any information as to what works well on 12" wide papers, I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

Debbie R / lindentree
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Old Apr 20, 2006, 6:55 AM   #3
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Hey there!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any responses here to my questions, but I did get a few responses on some scrapbooking forums.

I ended up splurging (majorly) and got an Epson R1800. It's an amazing printer and I love it. I've used it mostly for photos at this point (and it does a beautiful job with that), and I've also tested a few 12x12 sheets for journalling/titles and it works fine with that too.

The only downside to any printer is that you have to be careful what 12x12 paper you put through it as not all will print well, and photos wouldn't look nearly as good as they do on the photo paper. Epson does make a special 12x12 scrapbook paper for digital layouts, but I don't intend to buy that... it's expensive because it's designed to be printed double-sided, but unless you're doing a scrapbook that has a very specific order to the pages, printing double sided means you can't ever insert a new page or move pages around. Others have said it's better to print on larger paper (say 13x19) as you can put the 12x12 layout on it, plus you still have enough paper left over to print some photos, etc.

Some other scrapbooking friends of mine also bought an HP printer that had just been discontinued. The price on the printer was only $150CDN, so it was a great buy. It can do 12x12 and photos - imho, it does a pretty good job, especially for the price. I think my Epson printer does an AMAZING job, but it was about 4x as expensive, so it all depends on what your expectations are for the amount of $$$ you spend.

Here's the link to the discontinued HP printer (it's a Canadian site, but they might have a US one as well).


Hope this helps.

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Old May 11, 2006, 11:24 AM   #4
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Hey Lyssa, thanks so much for the link to the Hp wide format printer in Canada. I ordered it last week and it arrived on Tuesday. I still have topurchase some 12X12 scrapbook paper for it ..(None available in our Northern Ontario city, can you believe it?)... so I am ordering some Epson Scrapbooking 12X12 paper off the internet. Once again thank you, thank you!!!
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