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bglass Jan 22, 2004 12:08 AM

Best place to buy large format paper?
WHere is the best place to buy the 11x17 or 13x19 paper? I am trying to make up my mind between the S9000 and the HP9650 printer. If you have one, which paper prints the best on them. I saw some guys selling paper on ebay but do not know if its a good brand as it was one I had not seen.

slipe Jan 23, 2004 10:57 PM

Canon Photo Paper Pro glossy prints best on the Canon. Any paper other than the manufacturer’s paper requires some profiling. I have to profile for Inkjet Goodies ink as well.

I use Red River paper mostly. They have roll paper in the same paper as sheets so you can set the printer up without using the 13 inch roll paper with relatively inexpensive 8.5 X 11 of the exact same paper. I get good prints on the S9000.

If you stick with factory ink the Canon is much more frugal with ink than either HP or Epson, with HP being the most expensive for ink. The Canon cartridges are easy to refill but you need good ink. The Canon is also much faster.

I wouldn’t bother with paper you can’t get references to from other users. Many people on the dpreview printer forum use Red River paper in the Canons with good results. If you run a search on the printer forum there you will likely find a profile for the S9000 and the combination of Red River paper and Inkjet Goodies ink, which seems to be the preferred ink.

Leitzman Jan 30, 2004 6:45 PM

I have used Epson Matte Paper heavyweight and Premium glossy Photo Paper in A4 and A3 with great success. Ilford's Gallerie in 11x17 is great also.

There are 2 sources here in NYC that will ship to you.

B & H Photo and J&R music have wide choices available, and both are on-line.

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