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I'm a designer who recently purchased the Canon i9100 large-format printer with the intention of creating 13-inch wide by 40-inch-long, vertical displays for our storefront in NYC. The printer can handle media a bit more than 13 inches wide, and since my previous Epson printer could print up to 44 inches long, I assumed the Canon printer could as well.

I was wrong. The Canon has a self-imposed maximum printing area of 13" x 23.39" when using custom paper sizes on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. So I contact Canon support and received this information:

"When selecting a custom paper size, OS X does not set any limits to the height and width. The printer supports a specific range of values for the dimensions. For the i9100 they are:
width: 3.54" to 16.54"
height: 4.72" to 23.39"

Why 23.39" you ask? I wasn't sure either, but it struck me as odd since technically the printer should be able to print as long as I want, limited only by the length of my paper. Even stranger, they said the printer could print up to 16.54" wide, which is odd since the paper feed can only manage 13".

So I replied to Canon, "Why the arbitrary limit? Shouldn't the printer technically be able to...? Their reply:

"Regrettably, we are not privy to any product design information from marketing or corporate headquarters. Therefore, the likelihood that we will be able to discover the rationale for the paper maximum size constraint of the i9100 is low. One could speculate that anything larger that than a 23.39 inch size may be used to for banner printing, which the i9100 does not support.

However, in our endeavor to provide you with our best customer service possible, we will try to ascertain if there a reason for the paper size. Please allow until Friday, July 28, 2004, for a response. If you have any further questions until then, please do not hesitate to reply to this email message.

Thank you for choosing Canon.
Sincerely, *******
Product Support Representative"

So I decide to do some research and find some very interesting information. Two sources mention a related discussion with Canon representatives at a tradeshow, here are their statements:

"I attended the recent Photoplus Expo in NYC and spoke to the top east coast Canon "big shot": THERE ARE NO PLANS TO CHANGE THE 22" LIMITATION DESPITE IT BEING A 10 MINUTE PROGRAMMING JOB. Reason: Canon will not do it until they have their OWN panoramic paper for sale."

"A big downer is that you still canít print wider than 24 inches with it. Someone at dpreview said a Canon honcho at a trade show says it is only 10 minutes of programming to upgrade the firmware but Canon printer arenít going to have panorama capability until Canon starts producing panorama paper."

So Canon basically admits to crippling their own 'professional' printers because it does not yet produce its own line of Canon brand banner paper! This affects their entire large format line, the S9000, the i9100 and the i9900. I do further research and find that many people are angry with Canon for this intentional lack of functionality, and others make additional references to Canon's lack of banner paper being the reasoning. So I reply to Canon with a long list of my findings and get this reply:

"Since we cannot verify the accuracy of that information, we would hate to comment incorrectly on that matter. We can only verify and comment on any information that Canon has provided to us.

The only information that has been provided about the function is that there was not much of a public demand for the banner printing; therefore, the banner printer function has been removed from the driver. Consequently, the maximum paper size is 23.39 inches.

Your comments have been forwarded to the appropriate department were hopefully the banner printing function may be consider for future drivers. If you have any further questions or comments, please reply to this email message with the history included."

Ridiculous. Regardless of 'public demand' the fact that Canon imposed this arbitrary length is suspicious at best. Why even have such a limit? Canon must be aware of the abundance of inkjet banner paper available on the market, and however rare they think it occurs, somebody out there will always want to take full advantage of the capabilities of equipment they purchase.

Typical corporate greed and arrogance.
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Yes, this is regrettable. Canon seems to want to discourage certain uses of this printer if they can't get the user to behave just the way they want.

I want to get an i9950 and drive it with a postscript RIP, such as I have for my Epson 1270. I use a powerRIP RIP, and it works very well.

When I contacted powerRIP to see if they had a version for this printer they said, (sic) "No. Canon does not want us to produce it. Why? We cannot know."

I believe that Canon, who have no intention of producing such a RIP themselves, don't want anyone else to make one for their printer either. They want you to buy their more professional line of printers, which of course are megabucks.

I'm glad I figured this out before plunking down my money. I'm getting something from HP; I just have to figure out which one. The local Canon rep is very reasonable, and is helping me do it!

Ron Kelly
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Old Sep 16, 2004, 2:43 PM   #3
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If I may point out a few things - Canon has always clearly posted the paper size limitations of their printers, it's right there in the specifications. So anyone who bought one of their wide-carriage printers "in the hope that it would handle banner length paper" should have read the specs or asked Canon before buying one.

Notallowing the driver to be set for more than 24" in lengthis at best a poor choice on Canon's part but I can see them wanting to sell their paper rather than someone else's paper. They sell the printers as reasonably as possible to get your future ink and paper business - this is only good business practice. They all want you to use THEIR brand ink cartridges so why should paper be any different?

Thanks goodness for competition, if you don't like what one guy does then buy from another guy. Maybe Canon will "see the light" with future driver updates, who knows?
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Steve - While it is true that the paper limits are listed, lots of times they only list a size because thats the size sheets it can handle and as for banner printing they dont have a roll adapter so they wouldn't list banner sizes if that was not an avaiable option for the printer. Now if I want to print something 30+ inches long and have jerry rigged what ever to do it then it should allow me to print it. Hell a $400-$500 printer should allow you some freedom in that area. To be honest if the only reason they don't support banner printing is because they don't make a apaper that is kinda short sighted. Think of the ammount of ink that those can suck up and at about $9-$13 a cart thats still bank in Canons coffers. So they are missing out on a roll of paper thats about $55 and in the process they are missing the ink carts that roll would suck up in printing.

Over all I love my i9100 it prints a great picture and its quite speedy. Only thing that kinda got me down was that they released the i9900 about 4 months after I got my i9100. The banner printing was in the back of my head when I bought it for some rather LARGE pano's I have shot of Greatfalls Va.

I am kinda surprised that some smart open source programmer hasn't hacked out some drivers that support banner printing.

Sorry to drag this old post up.

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:? The Canon s9000 driver in Windows 98/ME will allow banner printing.
That was the last of the drivers/printers that would allow banner printing.

I have a i950 that lets you select banner printing in Windows XP. Banner printing is completly different than panorama printing. You can only banner print with paper set to plain paper, if you select a Photo paper the seclection for banner printing will automaticly go to normal printing.

I've read somewhere that Canon restricted the length of the print due to print head overheating (wihich is probably bull).

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I still dual boot to 98SE so my S9000 will print banners on photo paper. It is a nuisance and I will likely get an Epson R1800. I not only want to dump the dual boot, but quality has improved a lot since the S9000.

There is more reason to Canon than just avoiding having you buy a roll of paper for banners. You don't want to print large format panoramas without a lot of testing and setup on the same paper you are using for the panorama. The reason I use mostly Red River paper is because it is the same stuff I print my panoramas on.

Printer makers have traditionally made their money on consumables. Mostly ink, but the paper is probably a factor. There probably isn't 10c worth of ink at their cost in an ink tank, and without heads their manufacturing cost has to be under 50c a tank. The Canon Photo Paper Pro is probably the most expensive photo paper on the market except for specialized papers. It is the priciest of the major printer maker's paper. They are just protecting their cash cow.

The bottom line is that if you want to print panoramas you have to look at printers other than Canon.

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Old Apr 24, 2005, 8:46 PM   #7
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And thats why I bought a Epson R1800 and I own 3 Canon printers....they need to listen.

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Old Aug 15, 2005, 9:30 PM   #8
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Slipe, or any other helpful soul,

Sorry to drag up an old thread but I have been looking for the 7.20 driver for Win98 for the S9000 printer. I think this is the only driver that allows photo quality banner printing. This is what I have gleaned through this and other printing forums. Happy to be set right, if I am wrong

I have trolled through the internet and various forums and have had no luck in finding this driver.

I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thanks and regards,


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Old Sep 29, 2006, 3:27 PM   #9
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i found a few driversbut only 7.22 and s900 driver v 7.21

have you found one yet also will these work on a i9100
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Old Jan 13, 2008, 7:12 PM   #10
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Welp another bump....

Any know any linux printer devls ?

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