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Old Sep 8, 2004, 6:16 PM   #1
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hello please help this printer is great but I'm having a bit of a problem with the BJ Status Monitor. It displays all the 8 ink chambers as full when they are not. If one is running low, it shows that, but that's it. If any chamber is a little used, a 1/3rd used, half used, etc. it does not show that. It either shows it as full, or running low. Not the exact level it's supposed to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I believe I have noticed this problem too. I have printed numerous shots and the moniter still says all full, except slightly down a few millameters on the screen. This is my second i9900 because thefirst was defective. I believe the way I realized this problem a while back was if I disconnected or unplugged the printer then looked at the moniter. I can't remember but when I did a couple of print head cleans on the first printer, the moniter said full then all of a sudden it jumped to halfway full. Very strange.

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TheInk levels in the StatusMonitors for the Canon printers that have the Think Tank system won't always be accurate. The levels are estimated. But, the printer uses an optical system to check if the ink is low, and will tell you via the Status Monitor if you are low on ink. You can always justopen the cover, and visually inspect the levels if you would like.
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I guess the fact that the ink level will show as full and then suddenly sink to half full never bothered me.

What has bothered me is that on my system it can easily take the status monitor 5-10 minutes to actually retrieve the status from the printer! I've gotten to the point that I ask for the status and then go away or do other work on my system and eventually look back for the status. Very annoying...
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This happened on my old Canon S800, but my i9100 shoes the levels as they drop. I guess it has never mattered too much to me until I get the low-ink message. It seems to take forever to go through ink.
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Old Oct 15, 2004, 10:08 AM   #6
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Hmmm... I think I may have a dodgy printer. Among other problems I am having (see my other thread on banding and wheel marks), I too have noticed that my status monitor is not working. I can see visually that 1 ink well has dropped only slightly, three are half full, two are a quarter full and 2 are almost empty. But the status shows they are ALL completely FULL. Will exchanging the printer fix this or is this a common problem?
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I have the S9000. Does anyone know how I can 'enable the 'ink detection monitor' on the printer - one help page mentions this but I can't find any reference to it in the manual and Canon are as ever no help. The BJ Status Monitor shows all my inks at half full and I only find I have run out when the colours go funny. Although I am using generic cartridges it is costing me a fortune as I more or less have to change all 6 colours whenever any one of them runs out. The cartridges are often opaque so I can't tell by looking at the wells!

Can anyone help?:shock:
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