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Big Ned Dec 8, 2004 5:19 PM

as a long-time canon fan (of their cameras) i'd have to say i'm disappointed in their printers. or at least the s9000. since the beginning i've had nothing but trouble with mine that nothing including a new print head would fix (i still get unwanted blue lines across the page).

while it's still under warranty, i took the tech help's advice to bring it to my local canon service rep, only to be told by the repairman there that he couldn't honour the warranty because i bought the printer via mail order from the u.s. (i'm in canada.) somehow the border issue never seemed an issue before, certainly not when it was my money flowing across.

the lessons i learned? 1) canon makes at least some suspect printers and 2) will stick the customer with them if it can get away with it. next time i'll try epson.

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