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jimbay Jul 24, 2009 8:11 AM

Epson Pro 3800 refillable or bulk ink cartridges??
I have been looking for a 3800 refill solution that would work without any issues, and I have been spending 700 dollars on 2 different refillable cartridges and they never work. I was not able to get the Magenta and , photo black, Cyan refillable cartridges to install correctly in the printer. When I installed them and closed the door the 3800 printer would keep trying to prime the cartridge and then finally gave me an error message, 1404 on the printer LCD display. When I put all the epson cartridges back they worked just fine. I finally got them work, and I did not even know how I made it..... I installed them like 100 times to the point I thought I damaged my 3800. One of my friends told me it is the sealing problem of the refillable carts, he had the same issue before and totally trashed his system. The resetter is another big pain. It is really difficult because the chip contacts are small and they are hard to see with the resetter in the way, basically this resetter never works for me. Now I am back to epson cartridges but I still hope someone can tell me or has any direct experience with a good and reliable, trouble-free, 3800 refillable or continuous ink system. I dont mind to pay a little bit more.

Just last week, I took apart an epson original Cyan cartridge that the printer recognized was empty. I was so surprised that the cartridge had a significant amount of ink in it. I think it is 10ml to 20ml left! I cannot believe I keep wasting 20ml on each cartridges, a whole set of 9 cartridges would waste me almost 200ml of inks??? what a waste!!!

I hope I could refill epson's 3800 cartridges, if there is a way.

georgekarama Jul 24, 2009 3:30 PM

I am looking for a good and cheaper solution too. So after searching these forums and all over the net, my head is spinning. I am currently looking for epson 3800 refillable cartridges.

If I google "no resetter, epson 3800 refill", it lists out

They all require NO Resetter and say it's very easy to refill.


" With 150ml high capacity cartridge, 3800 i-Refill works like a Continuous Ink System. i-Refill does not require any resetter to reset ink levels and it works as easy as your original cartridge. "

I also saw some one posted very positive feedback toward inkrepublic's 3800 refillable cartridges here

Andrťs Orozco says: July 16, 2009 at 1:56 pm
hi guys, I just want to get you guys some update. I finally got InkRepublic 3800 i-Refill with 900ml inks, costs me only 350 bucks. Great deal.
The system prints beautiful pics, indistinguishable to my eye from the original Epson carts!!! and very glossy. The documentation is very very helpful and very thorough!
It tells you step by step and also tells you how to reset Ink Level / Cartridges and Waste Ink Maintenance Tank. This is incredible! I now can reuse my same waste ink maintenance cartridge instead of paying another 30 bucks to Epson in order to get a new maintenance cartridge!
It took me 20 minutes to install the whole thing and I think the installation is easier than our old InkRepublic CIS since this 3800 i-Refill system does not require any tubes. It works as easy as epson cartridge, and it works better than epson cartridges since I can reset cartridge and I can reset waste ink tank. The pressurized cartridges from works better than epsonís and it has larger capacity, 150ml, about double of epsonís cart. "

I really like the idea of reusing waste ink tank that inkrepublic provides, I may get one system from them soon and report back here. good luck

koarla5238 Jul 25, 2009 2:53 AM

nice inkrepublic website, it is very clear for Epson3800. I have a empty CIS for Epson3800, but no chips and have to take off from original cartridge. that is a problem. Do not know who can provide the chips.

georgekarama Jul 28, 2009 7:38 PM

I actually just picked up one of unit from; we will see how it performs! I think I really like this refillable idea and I think reusing the waste ink tank is an excellent idea!!!

georgekarama Aug 4, 2009 5:46 PM

So Iíve purchased the 3800 refill system from inkrepublic, and tried to install it. As it turns out, the installation was very easy. You can find all the installation information on inkrepublic knowledge base - which will make installing this kit a breeze. So far the photos i printed the IRK4-nano inks are as good as all my Epson prints.

websnail Aug 12, 2009 10:33 AM

Thanks for sharing that lot George...

I was wondering how well the newer cartridges from IR were performing and it's good to see they've realised that a CIS is overkill in this instance.

ImKayd1 Aug 12, 2009 3:59 PM

I was told by a printer repair guy that in Epson at least only Epson ink should be used as he gets more head cleaning calls from people using refills. Has anyone heard of this?

I have an Epson 1400 and would love to use refills as I am printing large for shows and it's costing me mucho. With paper $98 for 30 sheets of Moab Entrada and the inks $20 each, poop.

I definitely will look into the sites recommended. My friend has a 3800 and I use his for anything over 13x19 so will give him the heads up as well.


jimbay Aug 17, 2009 3:22 AM

websnail, keep it in mind, not everyone is living in refillable cartridge world, especially for the T-shirt printing or professional photographers, like two of my friends, they would prefer to get 3800 CISs, continuous ink system, rather than refillable system. They hate to refill and hate to stop printing. I think they will get InkRepublic's 3800 CIS soon. For my case, I am not willing to put a bulky stand with big bottles right besides my 3800, so refill is a good solution for me. Thanks for sharing George. The InkRepublic's 3800 refill system looks very promise. I think it's better than the systems I had before. I will get one soon too.

mathewdavid Aug 17, 2009 7:09 AM

Epson pro 3800 is refillable.If you search on internet about epson pro 3800,you will surely get solution.

jimbay Aug 18, 2009 1:00 AM

yes I've heard that, but you need to get resettable chips. Besides, epson's cartridge is not designed for long-term use. thanks for the input anyway.

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